Yoast XML Sitemap 404 Error

Fix Yoast XML Sitemap 404 Error Problem?

Yoast is an outstanding SEO Plugin for WordPress User. But you may face a problem with XML Sitemap. When you try to get your sitemap in www.yourdomain.com/sitemap_index.xml, it shows you a 404 page. At First, I like to inform you that, it’s neither your Yoast SEO Plugin Problem nor WordPress problem. It’s a very simple issue of your permalinks. I am going to show you how you can fix this

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Common WordPress Theme Errors

5 Common WordPress Theme Errors Need to Troubleshoot

If you love experimenting with your WordPress website codes, or quite often update your website theme, then you may encounter some unexpected error(s). This post based on 5 Common WordPress Theme Errors you must need to solve. In case, you stumble across an error, then there is nothing to fret since most of the errors are solvable. Through this post, I would like to bring to your attention some of

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WordPress Database Security Settings

Better Optimization For WordPress Database Security Settings

WordPress Login page security, Theme Security, Plugin security are important, but WordPress Database Security is also same important. The Database always controls your WordPress website. I suggest you to make your Database Secure from the hackers. This is the advanced section for WordPress Website Security. If you don’t know about Database clearly please contact with an advanced Developer or make a custom job for us into Envato Studio. We will do the job

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WordPress plugin security guide

Secure WordPress Site – WordPress plugin security guide

As I have mentioned how to secure your WordPress Theme from hacker, Plugin’s are also open a path for the hacker. I will shortly describe how a plugin helps the hacker to hack a WordPress Website. This Plugin security guide helps you to secure your WordPress Website From Hacker. When & How A Plugin Can Harm You? When a plugin became old and not updated, it may harm a website. Sometimes

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Create User Admin Account

Create User Admin Account on WordPress via FTP/PHP

Here is a little snippet which can create a WordPress backend account with ease using the FTP, just paste this PHP snippet in the active theme’s functions.php and the account will be created. Also, make sure the username and the email are unique, or the function will fail. If you forgot your Website’s Control or WordPress Username/Password. If you’ve only FTP access to access the files then you can create

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404 page error problem in WordPress

Fix 404 Page Error Problem In Your WordPress Website

404 Page Error is a great problem for new WordPress user. This happens sometimes when someone install new Theme into WordPress dashboard. If you are getting this type of 404 Page Error problem, this post will help you to fix it. You don’t need any coding knowledge for fix it. How To Fix 404 Page Error? For fixing Fix 404 Page Error problem follow this following step: Go to 01. Go to Settings>

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Amazing CSS Tools

5 Amazing CSS Tools For Web Design You Must Use

As a web designer you must follow some Amazing CSS Tools For Web Design. There are many CSS tools over online world. But some are very necessary for example i have listed Top 5 Best Amazing CSS Tools For Web Design. If you can not write professional code into CSS than you can did it with CSS tool. Perhaps if you want to design E-mail Template you should follow inline design, CSS Inliner

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