Responsive Web Design Example

Great Responsive Web Design Examples Of 2016

The usage of smartphone to access the website has dramatically increased in the last decade. Now 3 out of 5 smartphone users are more likely to use the mobile phone in order to navigate to different web pages. This circumstance inspired the Google officials to add one more website ranking factor that gives preference to the site on the basis of mobile-friendliness. Owing to this, many businesses are considering the

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Increase Email Open Rates

4 Amazing Key Strategies to Increase Email Open Rates

Nearly 90% of email marketers make use of email marketing to connect with the prospects. With the same reason, email marketing has become an important strategy for targeting the clients. There are a number of practices that make this approach a successful one; however, these practices are going to work only when the users will open their emails. Thus, getting your email opened by the readers holds the top priority.

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Suitable Photos For Website

Which Photos Are Best For My Website?

Content marketer always depends on media content (Photos, Videos, Graphical Art, PDF File)to give articles and posts a viral punch. The Photos plays a vital role to making a content better to understand. Photos (always make sure to get a CC photo) play a crucial role in making the content better to understand and easier to read. For example, making an infographic and promoting it via different types of infographic

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Quick Web Design Tips and Tricks

Quick Web Design Tips and Tricks For Grab More Traffic

There are 6 web design tips and tricks which help you to grab more traffic into your site. Just doing SEO is not perfect for grab traffic. I know that you will get traffic by doing proper SEO but you can not hold them on your website or blog. When you faced this type of problem than you have to be sure that you have some problem about your website or

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Get Free Photos For Business Websites

Get Free Photos For Business Websites From Flickr

Flickr one of the great resource for Photos. I have noticed that 90% Professional Photographer use Flickr for uploading their photos. It’s a great idea to Getting Free Photos For Business Websites. There are a lot of creative common license photos available for you. Just you have to make a smart search into Flickr for getting photos for your business. Why should you choose Flickr? I know that we always

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Top WordPress Conference Themes

Top WordPress Conference Themes On Which You Must Give A Try

Conferences and events are big investments for the year 2015. With increased popularity for these events, the demand for custom built and professional looking websites has risen as well. Providing users the ability to customize websites via themes and plug-in, WordPress, a free blogging and content management system, has become the number one choice with website designers and bloggers. The majority of well-established companies organize conferences in a bid to

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WordPress Blogging Tips

WordPress Blogging Tips To Improve Search Engine Visibility

SEO holds immense importance for ranking your well-searched WordPress posts higher in the search results. Additionally, the rise of social media marketing has offered a whole new world of opportunities to be explored by the SEO professionals. Therefore, till the additional part of SEO is alive, which includes content marketing, it is not going to die anyways. The current search engine strategies are only going to evolve into better techniques

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Mobile Friendly Website Design

Why Should You Use Mobile Friendly WordPress Theme?

Google algorithm have been changed. They declared, “Only Mobile Friendly Website will show on the search result.” If you think that Google just announced it, but they won’t do exactly like it. Then you are wrong, Google strictly love Responsive Design now and they only show Responsive Website into their search result. After all, Google loves now user-friendly website design. Too much loading time and unnecessary flash, media can harm your website also. People

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Essential Free Sketch Plugins

Essential Free Sketch Plugins You Must Be Aware Of

Sketch is the most beloved graphic designing tool nowadays in the industry. Getting fame on a broad scale, it has earned the trust of an array of coders and designers. And what result is? Being a prominent web & design tool, this enriches flexible but comprehensive features and you must be aware of them so that you can be a powerful leader in your respective domain with maximum revenues and

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