Check-out the List of Top 10 WordPress Calendar Plugins

Quick question: What’s the date today? Follow-up round: Your eyes immediately went to date/time section of your device, didn’t they? While you’re trying to figure out how I am stalking you (oh go ahead, check behind your back), the rest of us will just sit back and discuss how we can make event management and general organization on our Wordpress websites piece of cake with these plugins… 9 Free and

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Bootstrap Website Templates Free Download

30+ Bootstrap Website Templates Free Download

We have made a list for Bootstrap Website Templates Free Download. Download some best Premium quality Template for Free. Bootstrap Framework is suitable for creating 100% Responsive and 100% Pixel Perfect Website. This following Template only suitable for you, if you know HTML and CSS. If you need Free WordPress Website Theme you can check this freebie collection of WordPress Theme. Bootstrap Website Templates Free Download List- There are many types

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WP Awesome FAQ Free Plugin Features

WP Awesome FAQ Plugin Crossed 50,000+ Downloads !!!

We happily inform you that we are very happy to see WP Awesome FAQ Plugin crossed 50,000+ total Downloads today. Thank you all guys for using our Free and Premium WP Awesome FAQ Plugin. We have added some special features in this new version. If you are a latest version user, you may notice the new features. Shortcode Button In New Version We have added a shortcode button into Page /

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Best javascript MVC Framework 2014

Best javascript MVC Framework 2015 List For Download

Javascript Framework helps all js Developer to develop web apps or mobile apps. Normally js Framework is a set of javascript code. This will help you to develop any apps rapidly.  Working with framework is more easier to develop the applications by the use of the same code written in these JavaScript frameworks rather than to write the same line of code each time individually, which becomes more difficult and requires

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Captivate Web Design

Noteworthy Tricks to Building Captivate Web Design

Needless to say, users won't like to stay on a website that has a bland design. And in the present time, where people don't have patience to look at some online stuff for more than 3 seconds, having a website with a good look and feel has become a lot more important than ever before. Do you know some Quick Web Design Tips for Grab More Audience? No matter whether

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WordPress Theme Customization Feature

Understanding WordPress Theme Customization Feature

Making changes to a website design is critical for today's website owners and online marketers alike. Wondering why? Well, with many new websites being created each day, ideally ones offering something better for your users, it becomes important to look out for ways that helps in making your site better than competitors. If you are a Developer you I suggest you to read WordPress Theme Customization API For Developers Post. In

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Web Development Techniques

Tips Transfigure Your Web Development Techniques

When a visitor visits your web page what is it that you want the most? Certainly you want them to know what are you here for and tell them about your services. In order to do this you need apt elements and navigation flow so as to make your story loud and clear. Brief Transfigure of Web Development Techniques In this post, we will discuss some of the most crucial things which

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Search Engine Friendly Backlinks

5 Step For Getting Search Engine Friendly Backlinks

Hey DUDE :D , as you are reading this article I know you are an SEO optimizer or Affiliate Marketer and You always need the search engine friendly backlinks. Am I right? I know you will say yes.  Let's dig into some step and you will able to gain best backlinks for your site. You know that Backlinks are important for rank your website into the search engine. This is a

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WordPress Theme Customization API

Understanding The Use Of WordPress Theme Customization API For Developers

WordPress is a super easy content management system that comes loaded with many useful features that gives users the ability to customize their websites as they deem perfect. The Theme Customization API is one such feature that makes theme customization a fun and easy task for WordPress users. Introduced with WordPress version 3.4, the Customization API renders webmasters the ability to make changes to any WordPress theme and preview them

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