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Noteworthy Tricks to Building Captivate Web Design

Needless to say, users won’t like to stay on a website that has a bland design. And in the present time, where people don’t have patience to look at some online stuff for more than 3 seconds, having a website with a good look and feel has become a lot more important than ever before. Do you know some Quick Web Design Tips for Grab More Audience?

No matter whether you’re designing a website for any client or just want to improve the visual appeal of your portfolio, make sure to keep the web trends in mind while working on your design. Also, you must pay attention to the expectation of your target audience if you want to create a winning design. Apart from these two factors, following a few tricks that will help you in creating a captivating web design:

6 Tips for Captivate Web Design –

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Research Thoroughly To Find Inspiration For Your Web Design

One great technique that can help you in creating a rich design is to conduct a thorough research to find web designs for your inspiration. It can be difficult to come up with great design ideas all the time, however, you can find some amazing web designs available online to get design cues for creating your own design. Make a note of features that you find interesting, and see how it can be improved and used in your web design to deliver unique and exceptional experience to your users. You will get some necessary info to More To UI Web Design That Meets With The Eye post.

Make Your Website Goal Clearly Visible

Once you’ve find inspiration to create a great website design, when getting started with the designing process focus on making the goal of your website clearly visible. Doing so will make your site more interesting and less confusing to your users. Besides, creating a site without considering the expectations of your target audience will make all your efforts in creating a good looking website in vain.

If your goal is to lure new customers, then you should consider using keywords in your website that your customers would use to search your site. In addition, you can include a few questions and answers that will help your visitors understand about your product in a better manner. What’s more? you must also emphasize on implementing important design elements like a call to actions, main navigation bar, header, etc., that clearly determine the action users need to take on your site.

Emphasize on Typography

Good typography lays the foundation to a successful web design. Many designers (especially novices) thinks that typography is all about choosing a typeface and font size. But there are a few little details that designers often neglect when working on web typography. But considering these details can help in producing consistent and beautiful typography.

Typography for Captivate Web Design

Some details that you should focus to create effective website typography are:

  • Leading: It is about adjusting space in between the lines of a type and helps improve readability to a great extent.
  • Length of a Line Type: Writing too long lines or short lines can make reading tiring and distracting to the viewer eyes. Especially, when reading a long line of text, a reader may find it hard to locate the next line to continue reading further. So, to ensure better readability it is important that the length of your type should be between 40 to 80 characters, and must include spaces as well.
  • Scale to Create Hierarchy: In order to improve readability, you should pay attention to creating a fine balance in the way your typographic elements are arranged. This requires to scaling your text according to the larger or smaller screen display.

Don’t Forget to Create a Mobile Version of Your Site

Have you ever think Why You Should Make Your Website Mobile Friendly? The increase in use of mobile devices over the desktop for browsing, and after Google’s latest update on making mobile-friendliness a ranking factor, it has become needful for businesses to embrace a mobile-friendly solution. Besides, since the majority of users today own a Smartphone and perform online activities using their handheld device, having a mobile optimized design can help expand your visibility to a wide audience base.

Responsive Captivate Web Design

Fortunately, there are many useful tools online that can help you create solutions that help address the needs of mobile users. As a general rule of thumb, when designing a mobile site or transforming your existing desktop site to a mobile site it is advised that you must keep things as simple as possible. With less screen space, you need to choose to place the elements wisely. Removing unnecessary bloat from your site will make it load quickly.

Maintain Visual Hierarchy

We often become so overwhelmed with too many choices that we end up making our web design looks messy. However, it is very important to create a clear and easy to understand layout for perfect utilization of your website. In order to create such a layout, you’ll need to maintain visual hierarchy in your web design.

Visual Hierarchy For Web Design

Maintaining hierarchy in your visual design ensures proper use of available space, and thus brings the attention of users to where it is needed. Basically, it will help present your website content in a minimalist fashion, so as to make it easy to comprehend. Put it simply, following this approach can encourage your users to take the desired action that you want them to take.

Use Colors Effectively To Boost User Engagement

The Color is one of the most important yet overlooked aspects of a web design. Many designers don’t seem to pay due attention to adding right color schemes. However, making right color selections can plays a vital role in encouraging visitors to interact with your site. Also, colors are said to have a strong psychological effect on human emotions. This means that color choices can influence users’ decision in visiting your website and performing desired actions.

Color Concept For Captivate Web Design

Remember each color has some deep meaning and signifies certain emotions. For instance, the red color is considered best for exhibiting passion and anger, while blue symbolizes trust and so forth. And thus, colors can help affect how your user feel about your design. Also, it is recommended that not more than two colors should be picked for the main color schemes, especially when you want to create a professional looking website.

Wrapping Up!

Website design is one of the major factors that plays a crucial role in the success and failure of your site. However, simply crafting a good design is not enough for creating a successful website, you also need to focus on the changing web trends to avoid creating a design that is outdated. In addition, you must consider the above discussed key tips to deliver an exceptional user experience via your web design.

Author Signature: Lucie Kruger is an application developer working with Mobiers Ltd, which is the leading mobile app development company. She provides concrete information on latest information on mobile technologies like iOS or Android

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