Unable to Create Directory on its Parent Directory Writable by the Server

Unable to create Directory uploads on WordPress Website

This is a common problem, Unable to create Directory uploads on WordPress Website. I’ve got a clients requirement that he can’t Upload files WordPress Website. Sometimes a simple problem isn’t just a can be done type. It has been taken two days for me to find the actual solution for myself. My clients main problem was WordPress Image Path for “unable to create directory wp-content/uploads”. There will be many reasons for

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WordPress Database Security Settings

Better Optimization For WordPress Database Security Settings

WordPress Login page security, Theme Security, Plugin security are important, but WordPress Database Security is also same important. The Database always controls your WordPress website. I suggest you to make your Database Secure from the hackers. This is the advanced section for WordPress Website Security. If you don’t know about Database clearly please contact with an advanced Developer or make a custom job for us into Envato Studio. We will do the job

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WordPress plugin security guide

Secure WordPress Site – WordPress plugin security guide

As I have mentioned how to secure your WordPress Theme from hacker, Plugin’s are also open a path for the hacker. I will shortly describe how a plugin helps the hacker to hack a WordPress Website. This Plugin security guide helps you to secure your WordPress Website From Hacker. When & How A Plugin Can Harm You? When a plugin became old and not updated, it may harm a website. Sometimes

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Protect WordPress WP-Admin Folder

Secure WordPress Site – Protect WordPress WP-Admin Folder From Hackers

Security is necessary to our personal life or virtual life. Our personal Website seems like our personal home. It’s important to Protect WordPress Site From Hackers now. You have to secure your WordPress site for your security. A Secure WordPress Site is necessary for running a secure business. WP-admin folder is the mother of a WordPress Website. Make a Custom Job For Us on Envato Studio & We will Secure Your Full WordPrss

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Better WordPress Theme Security

Follow These Tips For Better WordPress Theme Security?

Selecting a Perfect Secure WordPress Theme for Website is very necessary. If your Theme contains bugs or unsecure code, it’s very easy for a hacker to hack your site. If you just search online and download a Theme, it may harmful to you. I am strongly saying that be careful and follow the following step for best secure WordPress Theme. At the last of this post, I have shared an Infographic with

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