Get Free Photos For Business Websites From Flickr

Flickr one of the great resource for Photos. I have noticed that 90% Professional Photographer use Flickr for uploading their photos. It’s a great idea to Getting Free Photos For Business Websites. There are a lot of creative common license photos available for you. Just you have to make a smart search into Flickr for getting photos for your business.

Why should you choose Flickr?

I know that we always search photos from free stock photos Website or choose any premium stock photos. But I recommend Flickr for getting real and natural photos. If you are searching for any virgin camera photo then you should make a search in Flickr. But the only search with keyword makes you fool sometimes. I will show you how to search smartly for getting photos.



How I Get Free Photos For Business Websites?

I like to select those photos which provide a license for using it for business purpose. But sometimes I fall in love with some “All Right Reserved” photos.

Let me tell details about “All Right Reserved” Photos.

I don’t use directly this photos for my business. Simply, I contact with the main author of this Photo and request to use this photos. I always give a creadit to the photo owner. I try to convince the author. Finally, If the autor approve my request then I use his or her photos for my business.

Using photos without the owner permission is illegal. I believe that if someone start a business with illegal he or she can’t go far.

Now, let’s talk about creative commons license.

You can use this type of photos for your Website without contacting the main author of photos. The smart Flickr search will help you to find out smart photos for your business.

So why late, lat’s dig into Flickr Smart Search Technique.

First go to Flickr.com and type your search keyword. For example, I need some photos for “morning sunrise beauty“. I will normally search with “sunrise morning” and Flickr shows me show a result. Check this out from the following screenshot.



Here is a technique, you noticed that I have searched with “sunrise morning” keyword. But it will be better If I use the comma (,) between my keyword. For example, now I am going to search with “sunrise, morning, nature, beauty“. This is the best way for searching photos. It will show you the exact photos related your keyword.



If you open this photos you will see “All Rights Reserved“. If you like to use this photos just follow what I told you about this license.



Now, it’s time to sort all photos into “All creative commons” license. Just click on “Any license” and here you will see some license named “All creative commons, Commercial use allowed, Modifications allowed, Commercial use & mods allowed, No known copyright restrictions, U.S. Government works,” make a click in “All creative commons” and your photos will sort via creative commons license. You can choose any photo and use them for your business purpose of personal purpose.



Let’s Wrap Up!

Photo or graphic is one of the most important parts to a Website. It attracts the audience more. Social media like Pinterest user like professional photos. There is many free stock photos Website. You can take a look at these Websites and download your photos but Flickr is such type of Website which provides a lot of photos. All photographer use Flickr to showcase their photos.

Get Free Photos For Business Websites From Flickr
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