Kick Ass Tips to Design a Website

Kick-Ass Website Design Tips Like a Productivity Ninja!

Website Design Tips help you to work rapidly and increase productivity. Adopting the productivity Ninja mindset to create a website requires many efforts from the web designer. It gives an active work approach by increasing productivity at every stage of website development. If you ask me, a Productivity Ninja is a speedy geek with a Zen-like calm mind. Also, he needs to be ruthless and tech savvy while at the same time, he is expected to have the agility and mindfulness.


Website Design Tips


To design a kickass website like a productivity Ninja, you need to worry less and achieve more. There are few tips I am going to share with you.

Get some clean and trendy graphics

This is the first  Website Design Tips.Cleanliness is the key to good web design. Clean websites attract more users and retain them for a longer time with increased interactivity and stickiness. Like any productivity ninja, you must work to challenge the orthodoxy and status quo. The best thing is to hover upon few of the best websites and get know-how about maintaining graphic cleanliness concerning with its uniformity, consistency, and usability.

One more important aspect of designing a website like a productivity ninja is by adopting the visual trends in your websites. Like for example, going with the skeuomorphic web templates is a bad idea in today’s time. Now is the trend of minimalistic flat design and therefore adopting the same, or innovation within the current trend can make your website stand out amongst the rest.


Design Website with Clean Graphic


Here are the tips to consider for the graphics part of web design


Limiting your color choices to 3 colors only.

Integrating font faces which is in alignment with the design

Don’t use stock images. It is advisable to go with the original or unique material

Navigation buttons must be visible and placed accordingly

Learn the art of content management

One of the skills of productivity ninja is his agility and the same is put to best use when it comes to content management. The art of content management is practiced using a dedicated content management system which gives enormous flexibility to optimize the content at regular interval. CMS offers easy usability system that can be integrated into multiple templates, making it easy to manage the website.


Power of CMS


Just like WordPress, CRS makes it possible to integrate a blog or any other content, chronologically. Thereby, providing an enriching experience to the users who explores millions of website across the internet.

Integrate meta-network for social media

Websites are nothing but a part of the network because only with the innovation of hyperlink, the web was made possible.

However, looking at the current scenario, it safe to say that social networking is one of the crucial aspects to consider when it comes to website positioning. It requires concentrated efforts to attract an audience for integrating website and social media. Therefore, there must be a way out in the web design to integrate to integrate with the social media.

Social Media integration

It is essential to let visitors share and promote the website online through social media. Visitors should be able to share products, services, reviews, and blogs or articles. It helps the website to penetrate better across the wider spectrum internet and gain popularity. The best method is to deploy sharing buttons and social media widgets creatively.

Predetermine the Success Metrics

Defining the success metric is one of the overlooked by most of the web designers. Websites yield revenue to the business and therefore it is crucial to know how a website is supposed to do the same. The success metrics helps to make a site better because there is always a scope of improvement in the website design.

However, for a newbie designer who focuses solely on the beauty and creativity of a website cannot identify the touch points where success metrics needs to get installed. Therefore, here are some of the crucial aspects to consider before setting up a success metrics within the website.


What does your each page needs to make the website successful

Is it about converting sales?

Is it focusing on customer satisfaction through audience engagement?

Does is provide product information along with the call to action (CTA)


Success Metrics


One of the ideal benchmark to incorporate success metrics in the website is placing CTA button on each page. If this does not go well with the designing aspects, then there must be at least one CTA button somewhere on the website. It makes much difference for viewers regarding the user experience because this offers more valuable resources to them. The magic lies in weaving the content across the website for active user engagement. It includes contact us form, e-books, blogs, links to other informative content, or access to other big data. It is the ideal way to keep visitors absorbed in the business.

Don’t ever forget the server

You must be using the right technologies on the client side server, and that is good. However, the real test of a web designer lies in using a decent server-side technology which can be of an immense help.


Success Metrics For Web Design


Websites nowadays are database-driven, and when a designer can separate the data from rest of the presentation successfully, the site can look much better. It is always in the hands of designer to choose the advanced server technology which fits the size of website for its optimal utility To tell the truth, it is now relatively easy to design a website than ever before. All that a productive ninja has to do is to make the best use of available resources, efficiently, and the half of the task to design a kickass website is complete. Moreover, about the other half? Well, I leave that to you to figure out.


Author Info: Shahid Abbasi is a marketing consultant with Peerbits, one of the top app development companies for iOS and Android app development. Shahid likes to keep busy with his team, and to provide top-notch mobility solutions for enterprises and startups.

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