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Make Your WordPress Site Load Expeditiously – Brilliant Ways To Consider

There is no doubt that the WordPress is a fantastic platform that delivers prolific web development solutions. At the same time, it can’t be gainsaid that if not managed appropriated, it can be quite slow. If you won’t take suitable measures, there is a great likelihood that your website will become sluggish. And, this is true that no one wants to wait around for a website to load.

In fact, it has been observed that the majority of people abandons a site that takes more than three seconds to load. When a viewer lands on your website, you have only a few seconds to impress them and encourage them to hang around and perform a suitable action. If your site is consuming a considerable amount of time, you will most probably lose your business. The delay of even a second can adversely impact the UX. With this, it is quite clear that how imperative the website load time is for its success.

Fortunately, the WP users can optimize the speed of their website by considering a few essential factors. To help you elevate your WP site loading, here are a few of the resourceful steps; let’s have a glance into them.

Step 1. Analyze Your Current Speed

There are several tools like Pingdom that can offer you an insight into the performance of your website, including its loading speed, requests, and page size. It is quite simple to use, as you just need to enter your site URL and test it. Then, it will display the result within a few seconds.

Check Mobile Speed : WordPress Site Load Expeditiously

I have tested the website for Mobiles, the result shows that the site took 2.01 seconds to load and needs to download 1.4MB of data.

Step 2. Make Sure That You Are Using A Significant Web Host Service

No doubt, that the performance of your website greatly depends upon the type of resources with which it is working. For instance, the available CPU and storage space at the server end, where the site is hosted, plays a vital role. In case, if these resources are not available in abundance, it won’t let your website function appropriately. Thus, it is advisable to switch to a reliable and prolific web host service as soon as possible and ensure a surefire performance of your website.

Step 3. Choose A Powerful Theme

WordPress possess a gigantic repository that features colossal themes and plugins. To make it certain that your chosen theme will not create performance bottlenecks, it is advisable to rely on a reputed company. Here are some checkpoints for your consideration that can help you streamline your choice.

  • Is your chosen theme is optimized to deliver a stupendous performance?
  • Does it possess inbuilt security enhancement?
  • Is it customizable?
  • A trendy design is a must, so don’t overlook it.

Step 4. Choose A Proficient Caching Plugin

By installing a caching plugin, you can miraculously improve your page load time. And, as most of them are available for free and easy to use, it makes an optimal choice. You may choose a plugin like WP Super cache, W3 Total Cache, or any other that offers brilliant features.

Step 5. Install A Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network : WordPress Site Load Expeditiously

If your target audience is spread across the globe, it is viable to install a CDN and boost your website performance. Wondering how?

A CDN is a set of web servers that is distributed across various locations, and thus, helps deliver content more effectively and efficiently. The content saved on these servers include images, CSS, content, and JavaScript files. It serves the content from the server nearest to the visitor. This certainly improves the response time while saving your bandwidth and, thereby, generating a marvelous UX with expeditious loading speed.

You can ask your web host service provider to offer you a suitable CDN.

Step 6. Minimize The Calls To The WP Database

You might not wondered yet that in to generate a page and to display some content on it, can populate a number of queries on the database. The good thing about it is that you can reduce the number of queries by using the hardcoded information.

For instance,

Here the call to the bloginfo function was not essential, and thus, can be avoided by directly mentioning the requisite values. The aforementioned line of code can be hard coded as the below-mentioned code.

Step 7. Optimize Your MySQL Database

Yes! It is true that you can dramatically improve the loading speed of your website by optimizing the MySQL database.

It can be done either manually or automatically. For the manual approach, you just need to access your phpMyAdmin screen and log into your database. Then, select the tables that you would like to optimize (preferably all) and tweak the settings with “Optimize table” via the drop-down table available beneath the list of database tables.

Optimize MySQL Database : WordPress Site Load Expeditiously

For doing it automatically, you can choose to use a suitable plugin. There is no dearth of efficient plugins, you can easily seek an incredibly useful plugin like Optimize DB by Yoast.


The above mentioned are a few helpful steps or tips that can help you expedite the performance of your WordPress website and impress your potential viewers. By keeping these points in mind, you can boost the loading speed of your site, and proficiently rivet your visitors, thereby encouraging them to make positive actions. You can again test your website performance as mentioned in step 1, you will surely get better results after following these steps.

Author Signature: Rick Brown is a veteran iPhone developer for Mobiers – mobile app development company. In case, you are willing to dig out more information about the related services, get in touch with him.

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