Quick Web Design Tips and Tricks

Quick Web Design Tips and Tricks For Grab More Traffic

There are 6 web design tips and tricks which help you to grab more traffic into your site. Just doing SEO is not perfect for grab traffic. I know that you will get traffic by doing proper SEO but you can not hold them on your website or blog. When you faced this type of problem than you have to be sure that you have some problem about your website or blog design.

Best Quick Web Design Tips and Tricks For Grab Traffic

Take a look at the following 6 web design tips and tricks and fix all of this for your website or blog.

Take A Look At Your Website Readability

This is the first step for all. A Designer should work with Readability of a website or blog. Readability means- Does all text, image, video are easy to understand? If yes, then it’s okay. But if you see that some text are broken, image are become tiny than you must fix this problem. Readability is the main key to grab more and more traffic into your site. Always hardly  avoid readable font for your content. Color is also a fact here, for example i have recently seen a website which content is perfect but the content color and background color are so same that I can hardly read the full post. Use normal simple color so that it will be easy to all to understand what you write.

web design tips and tricks 2014

Let’s Create Parallax Story : Web Design Tips and Tricks

Parallax scrolling is a modern web design trends for now. Why you miss it. Create a story related your website and try to understand your visitor what you want to say. This will grab a huge ammount of visitor. I can hardly avoid those site who provide Parallax scrolling effect and create a story. Parallax uses several design elements that move randomly and create awesome effect. This is a fantastic dynamic experience that encourages users to scroll more and more, Thus you will get more traffic with more time stay into your site. Take a look now .

Quick web design tips and tricks 2014

Fix Your Site Loading Time

Who use internet they are very pountual to time. If your site loading time is more than 5 sec than most of the visitor will leave you. When you page size become large than your site loading time become much. You have to optimize your web pages so that your site become more faster. We love multimedia (image,video)content more than text content. You have to optimize your image perfectly so that it load easily. For doing that you can use photoshop or some online photo editor tools.
According to September, 15 2014, data gathered by HTTP Archive, the average web page size is 1.89MB, and about 63.3% of which are images.

Quick web design tips and tricks

Check and Double Check Your Website Icon

Sometime Icon says something. Select perfect icon for perfect use. Though this is a fact of your mind, but you have to read other mind and ask yourself what they think about your icon. Making animation is not always necessary. Sometime simple effect can increase your site look. I suggest you to use icon form Github icon sets. This are very easy and professional. If you use vector icon than it will take much time for load.

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Do Responsive Now

This is time for Responsive Design. Responsive Design means User Friendly design. This will help more and more for attract visitor. I have seen that 40% visitor come to my this website form mobile, tab. For thinking about them i have to do responsive design. You have to make your content responsive also. Just doing layout responsive is not proper responsive design. Mobile users don’t have time to read long paragraphs, so make sure your mobile version is concise and offers clear calls to action. Reading on a tiny screen isn’t fun if the text is too small; so use dynamic type techniques to keep text at a comfortable size — don’t make users zoom!

Open Responsive HTML5 Template

Flexible Typography Design

Perfect Typography is perfect way to use font. Use proper size of font for Desktop, Laptop, Tab, Mobile and other devices. If visitor faced problem when he visit you form his device than he must leave you and can hardly visit you again. So, for protect this you have to take care about your typography.

conclusion : This is all the Web Design Tips and Tricks which help you to grab traffic and hold on traffic into your site. This tips and tricks also play a great role besides SEO. You can think this 6 tips as a part of proper SEO.

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