Support Akbar Hossain to buy “Electric Motorized Wheelchair”

Thank you so much for visiting this page to support Akbar Hossain! I’m Liton Arefin CTO of, asking people’s help on behalf of Akbar Hossain. I’m also a very good Friend of Akbar Hossain.
We all know that unity is strength. Someone can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.

30 years old Akbar is a Wheelchair User. When he was only 2 years old he was attacked by Polio but unfortunately he wasn’t treated properly as the doctor wrongly given him medicine for Malaria. Since taking the medicine his condition got worse and now with limited strength he keeps on fighting to work and learn more.
He’s a free spirited person, he doesn’t wants to burden for others. A “Power Wheelchair” will certainly will help him to boost his mobility issues and becoming more independent. Now, it’s necessary for him to get a Power Wheelchair but it costs too much for him as he supports his family financially.
Akbar Hossain is a vivacious, hardworking person with unstoppable desire to learn and work. Since 2010 he’s working as a Professional Creative UI Designer. He’s very Passionate on creative Design he learned everything by himself without any formal Education or Training.

He is currently the Lead Creative Designer in JewelTheme ( All of the products of JewelTheme were designed by Akbar Hossain including the main JewelTheme Website.

His Design Expertise Profiles:




Our National Newspaper covers his Inspirational Story:
Akbar Hossain’s Video Link:
After few research we’ve found that, light weight folding Electric Motorized Wheelchair is the best solution to boost his work speed and it will give him the chance to join in office regularly without anyone’s assistance. We cannot wait to see him joining our office regularly. For that we are asking for your help, please donate and share to make his dream comes true.

Some of the examples given below what he thinks would suit him:


Target: $2500

Achieved: $200