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Hello again, I’m afraid I’ve come up with a long list, sorry.

1. Add listing. There is a field to enter a Facebook URL, but it’s not displayed on the listing page. (see screenshot)

2. Add listing – Useful to have the option of other social media too? Instagram etc (not essential though)

3. Styling of the event calendar, list, week, month, upcoming events (I know this isn’t your problem as it didn’t come with the theme…)

4.Listing information – Time Schedule – I’d like this to read “Opening Hours”. I can edit the PHP file directly but don’t want to do this in case of future theme updates. I was trying to get it to over-ride in the child theme’s function.php but can’t get it to work.

5. Listing information – Map – displaying strangely – half a map and half the category icons. (see screenshot)

6. Listing of category e.g., – Unstyled “location” text just above the filter.

7. Listing of category e.g., – the results list looks like it can be show via a grid or a list (2 little icons) but this doesn’t work.

8. Theme Child settings – General. Show top bar. Hide language. Hide language doesn’t work.

It would be useful to be able to add social media links to this top bar.

9. Theme child settings – header section – Custom – Colours don’t change anything.

Would be useful to be able to change the ‘red’ highlight colour seen over the theme.

10. Listing – Under the address and phone number, what’s the little trophy icon for? – there is no setting for this in ‘add listing’. (see screenshot)

11. Listing – ‘Get Direction’ should read ‘Get Directions’. (see screenshot)

12. Theme font editing? Not essential, but useful.

13. Listing – with address, phone number, website, social media, it would be logical to have an email address displayed here too.

Once i start to add my own listings and add my own content to the site, I may spot more. Sorry the above list is already long.

Thanks again for all your support,

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