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    1. I have set up the theme on The website is ready but the client wants the menu bar above the slider section in the home page. I am unable to execute this customization. Kindly help…..

    2. Also i have made additional pages on the site… for example When I scroll down the page the sticky menu initially disappears (when the first image is scrolling down) and then reappears quickly. i want the sticky menu bar to be continuously present all throughout the time someone is scrolling down the other pages of the site.

    Kindly help in the making these changes . The attached pdf contains the purchase code

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    I’m not the plugin author, but I will try to help you.

    The javascript code is on themes/topclass/assets/js/functions.js on line 10.
    Changing “> jQuery(window).height()” to “> jQuery(‘#masthead’).height()” should work.

    Btw. You should check your site using Chrome Webdeveloper Console or Firebug because there are some javascript errors on your site.

    Kind regards


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    Hello anthelion,
    1. You can do it yourself, as I understand well that you know coding quite well. Go to Theme Folder and open landing-header.php file. From Line#131-237 is for menu. Cut the code block and place it to about Slider means below Line#112.
    2. To make Navbar fixed. You’ve to touch header.php file and functions.js file on line#10-16.

    If you face any problem then send your FTP and WP access, I will resolve your problems.


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