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    I got a message you have uploaded a new version to the envato website of this theme.

    Is there a possibility for you to realease a changelog or do you have a github/bitbucket page where changes can be tracked?
    As I explained earlier I am porting this html template to a CMS and I can not re-do the whole import with every update you release. For that reason a changelog would be really welcome so I can simply implement your changes myself by following your changelog (html/css and/or JS changes).

    I hope you can assist me (and I am sure more users) in this! Thanks in advance.

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    We added a change-log on themeorest product page, you can see the changes there. Whatever, we added a movie homepage, movie category page and a movie single page and those pages css and responsive styles in recent update.

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    Thanks for the info, I did not realize it was already availabel there.

    So the responsive.css file has also been changed, not just for those new pages but also to fix some issues with the responsive menu (quote: “Responsive CSS Menu Fixed”)?

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