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    I can’t find an e-mail address for your support so I had to leave one in the support form.

    We have this installed for a client and his site was hacked and upon running diagnostics we have discovered that this plugin is compromised. I’d suggest that anyone who currently has this plugin installed to disable it and update your WP and plugins to the most current version.

    If someone would like to reach out to me so I can explain the situation further id be happy to fill you in.

    I don’t care about a “refund” I just wanted to warn other people who may be using this that they are at risk.
    I’ve attached a screenshot of what is happening on mobile when I try to visit the URL this plugin is/was installed on.


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    Liton Arefin
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    LOL. This is really a great joke !!!
    What you’ve done previously with us was insane. Anyway, there’s no malicious code in our Plugin and it’s not a Big Plugin. The code is simple and Clean.

    This Plugin is also Installed thousands of clients websites including our Server. If your website hacked for our Plugin then all clients website also be hacked including us… Let’s try to hack our Server !!!

    Now reality, definitely you’re using low budget/insecure server. Or you’re using pirated Themes caused your website hacked.
    Stay away and stay fine.

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