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    Liton, I wrote to you earlier that there was a problem with adding media (images) to the Partner container. I can add three, but no more, even though I have filled in the field to show 8 images. When I try to add the fourth image one of two things happens: the screen shows no response, so sign of “upload complete” or anything, so no changes have been made when I look back; OR the previously added images are gone and only that fourth image I added is there.

    In response to my first request, you added 3 more images and wrote back that there was no problem at all. That is not my experience. Now if this is user error, I have tried everything I can think of to make this work. There is nothing I am doing differently in adding the fourth image than I have done previously to add the first three.

    Could you please address this so that the element works consistently and properly?

    You might check for a similar problem with the Home Gallery element where I encountered the same problem.

    Thank you.

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    Hi Gayle,

    Thank you for writing us in details. Please send us your Website Dashboard access and hosting access privately here. We will take care your problem.

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    Hello Gayle,
    Really there’s no problem. On our Local Version, Online Version and your website also.
    I think the problem is on Latest WordPress Version updates. While you select more than one image you’ll see a Blank Image(contains nothing) at very first position selected. Click the Image Box to unselect. Hopefully your problem will be solved.
    For your more help, please send your access(WP+FTP) in private message. I will take a look once again.

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