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    Hi guys, I apologize for hijacking this forum but I don’t see anything for the “Shopaholic” theme. Feel free to move it accordingly or I can repost later.

    I wanted to ask about home10 because I can’t, for my life, change the background images. I believe they’re being generated via javascript on the fly but even after changing the default “placeholder image” I still have that appear instead of the new one. Since I can’t find the file that makes that I can’t force refresh by adding ?v=x and I don’t have access to refresh the server. Could you help me out?

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    Hello Proxy,
    Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve the Topics consists with the Related Forum.
    The Background Images are on every Section.
    Example code:

       id="section4" class="section background-bg" data-image-src="images/home10/5.jpg"

    Let us know you’ve got it.

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