Update: A-TEAM Minimal Template v1.1.0

We have updated our A-TEAM Minimal HTML5 Blog Template. Some important problems are fixed with this 1.1.0 update. We have selected all problems and fix all of them.

What problem are Fixed in A-TEAM Minimal Template ? A-TEAM Minimal Template

Menu Problem : At version 1.0.0 while you click into Dropdown menu it will break down and at IE9 total menu broke down. We have fixed all of this Menu problem and make it better for your use. Now, Menu will work perfectly all devices.

js Error : Some are error occurred and we have fixed all of this is error within this update.

Team Section :  There was some CSS problem with Team Section. We have fixed this CSS problem. We have also added Drag and Drop option so that you can easily place your Team Member. You don’t have to save it because this is auto saved like widget.

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