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Secure WordPress Site – WordPress plugin security guide

As I have mentioned how to secure your WordPress Theme from hacker, Plugin’s are also open a path for the hacker. I will shortly describe how a plugin helps the hacker to hack a WordPress Website. This Plugin security guide helps you to secure your WordPress Website From Hacker.

When & How A Plugin Can Harm You?

When a plugin became old and not updated, it may harm a website. Sometimes we noticed that the present version of a plugin is not compatible for the latest version of WordPress.

At the passing of time, the hacker can find bugs and old plugin are containing bugs sometimes. If anyone install this plugin his/her lovely site can be attacked by the hacker.

Suppose, I need a live twitter feed plugin. I have searched into WordPress directory and find a plugin named “lbcd78 Live Twiter”. But WordPress shows me the following message into the header section of this plugin page.

This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

I definitely avoid this plugin.

Now let’s see some key points which helped anyone to select the right and secure plugin. This is the main section of this WordPress plugin security guide post.

Keep Update Yourself: Update all Plugins which installed into your WordPress Directory. If you don’t update regularly, it’s a big issue for being hacked. Sometime hacker able to find bugs into plugin after WordPress update. Always use those plugins which are compatible for your WordPress version.

Delete All Unused Plugins: Delete permanently those plugins which are unnecessary and unused into your site.

WordPress plugin security guide

Use Trusted Source Plugins: Avoid Torrent and Nulled sites for downloading any Plugin. My suggestion is, use WordPress.org/plugin for download any types of plugin for free.

Replace Outdated Plugin and Find Alternative Plugin: Do you understand, what do I mean by outdated plugin? Those Plugin are the outdated plugin which are not updated recently and not perfect for the present version of WordPress. Remove this plugin now and find out an alternative way for working.

Think Twice Before Install A Plugin: Don’t install and active any plugin at single look. Check and double check the plugin quality and then decide, is it safe for your site or not.

Which Plugins Seems Secure To Me?

  • First, I noticed it rating. Rating says what other people says about it. If any plugin has average 4.00 rating I think its best.
  • Secondly, I checked the active user of any Plugin. Many active user means better plugin.

Conclusion: There is some other security issue without plugin security. Secure Login Page, Protect WP-admin Folder also important for the best security.

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