WordPress or Squarespace

Which is more SEO friendly, WordPress or Squarespace?

The Business owner is seeking for SEO. They always want the best result for their Website.  It’s known to all that WordPress is used by many popular branding Website. It’s very hard to answer which is more SEO Friendly between WordPress and Squarespace.

In other words, in terms of SEO, Squarespace is your Apple and WordPress is Android. Let me explain this question in details and you will get a clear idea.

Do you know a universal truth about WordPress?

Google Loves WordPress too much. Check the following video of Matt Cutts. He says that WordPress automatically solves a lot of SEO issue instead of doing them manually. Now you’ve understood that what is best for you to rank on Search Engine. But we will talk about Squarespace too.

After watching the video, are you thinking that Squarespace is never a viable option?

My simple answer is, no. Not at all. We are talking about “SEO Friendly” issue. Now let’s talk something details about Squarespace.

If you’re “just” a user who wants to get things taken care of for them, and you don’t want to have to play around with plugins and tuning things up yourself, Squarespace is the solution for you (SEO-wise).

Squarespace now added the basic SEO functionality for its customer. If you want to build a Website with basic SEO for your local audience then it’s a great solution.

They have developed the functionality and now it clean HTMLmarkup so pages are easily indexed by search engines.

Choosing Squarespace is not so bad now. But it’s suitable for the beginner. It’s easy then WordPress.

Here you able to change everything in a live page editor. But in WordPress, you need to login Website Dashboard to edit your Pages or post.

Let’s Wrap UP!!!

Selecting WordPress or Squarespace is your personal choice. If you want to plan do everything manually than definitely select WordPress. Otherwise, Squarespace is best for you.

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