WordPress Development Mistakes

All WordPress Developer Should Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Now a day, 74.6 million sites depend on WordPress. WordPress is the finest CMS, Easy to use and Flexible system for creating a website or blog. WordPress is a free open source blogging platform that everybody likes because it supports multi-users and multi-blogging. All user can easily find their necessary plugin and widget into WordPress directory. WordPress community is stronger than Joomla and Drupal. WordPress is a state of the art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetic, web standards, and usability. WordPress is the best publishing platform which helps you to maintain your website or blogs.

5 Great WordPress Development Mistakes

When you decide to launch a website, you may forget some things is haste to launch the site sooner, which makes the site prone to errors and subsequently get penalized in Google Search. So it is necessary to have a checklist for some Basic Development Mistakes of WordPress. I am going to discuss top 5 WordPress Development Mistakes.

List of 5 Great WordPress Development Mistakes

Let’s take a look at this top 5 great mistake. List this mistake and never do this mistake with your project. If you fail to fix any WordPress issue or bugs please contact us by Envato studio and make a custom job for us. We will fix your problem within 24 hours.

01. Slow Website Loading Time:

 This is one of the biggest issues for your visitor. When a new visitor comes to your site and sees that it takes 50 sec to 1 minute for loading a page, he/she always leave your website and also tries not to come again. If you have installed and active many plugins and widgets then you might face this error or if your net host does not provide quality hosting service or you are running your website on shared hosting. If you are facing this type of problem, it is high time for get rid of all this useless plugin and change your website server. There are many hosting company who provides one-click WordPress install. By this way, you can easily avoid this issue of WordPress installation.

02. White Screen of Death:

I think 70% WordPress users have faced this problem. If your PHP resources are broken down than browser shows a white screen without any type of error. Some beginner developer can’t understand how to fix this error. Though your white screen doesn’t show any error but it is a great error. There are some major reasons for this error: Theme is broken, Use of Incompatible Plugins, Leaving an extra space in wp-config.php. If you want to avoid this error you have to use Premium WordPress Themes.

03. Database Connection Errors:

Personally I have faced this type of problem sometimes. These errors appear when your blog/website setup in a process. Your Database Connection Errors can appear due to a corrupt database of if blog or website is unable to create a database connection. If you want to fix this problem of your site you have to check your MySQL database. As a developer, you know that creating a MySQL database for a simple theme is very easy. A perfectly setup database would help you remove the performance issues with the database and you can solve your Database Connection Errors problem.

04. Site is De-Indexed Into Search Engine:

This is not a major problem but minor problem for a developer. In WordPress dashboard options, you can find  an option to keep blogs “search Engine Visibility“. If you put a tick mark on “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” your site will not index into any search engine. Some people use this option for keep their blog privet.

05. Wrong Sidebar Widget Placements:

Every blogger loves to keep their blogs straightforward and simply accessible. By adding some awesome widget your blog or website enhances it’s quality. You can engage more people to your website by adding some lovely widget into your sidebar. If you like to feature sidebar widgets in your WordPress blog then you should add widgets which are necessary and not just because they are available or they are free.

All issue should fixed because all issue are a problem for any website. No issue and No Bugs make a visitor happier and the website become happiest.

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