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8 Web Design Tips To Boost Business Conversion

There cannot be a more natural and organic marketing platform than a business website. Web Design Tips will help you to do a design rapidly for business. Naturally, for most web marketers converting visitors into customers is of paramount importance. You can drive robust SEO efforts to give your website a robust volume of organic traffic. You can make an enhanced social presence to drive website traffic. You can do all these and many more. But still, the objective remains the same ad it is nothing but business conversion.

So, what you are up to for addressing this mission-critical objective for your business? Well, you must evaluate and measure your findings against the below listed ways to boost conversion. Here are 8 awesome ways you can drive business conversion through web design.

SEO pushing the CRO

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the critical component in web marketing campaign to drive traffic. On the other hand, Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO refers to the business focused drive by the website to push visitors to convert into business leads and actual sales. So, SEO in a way is the intermediate step towards CRO. The journey of a website must focus on building traffic first and then converting it into business. Is your SEO pushing the CRO? This is high time to measure.


Web Design Tips for SEO


Often a SEO focus on a singular topic or a showcased particular product or service in a web page just pushes visitors more towards a buying activity. Secondly, the content must be absolutely relevant to maximize chances of conversion. The keyword optimization of every topic or product page will make it more discoverable. Finally, ensure optimum visibility and ease of use through a content focused clutter free design and layout.

Addressing readability

What a search engine does? It provides information regarding a searched keyword. Now searching over a related product visitors are likely to arrive on your page. Now what should they expect to see? They almost invariably expect a quickly readable or glanceable content mentioning the most important selling points in clear terms. Otherwise, they find the page confusing, boring or non-useful for their purpose and it takes just seconds to tap on the back button and leave your page. You’re your SEO effort is lost and given a setback with zero conversion.


Addressing readability Web Design Tips


How to avoid such a possibility? Obviously by making the page more readable with optimizing the content for the quick glance. First of all, avoid stuffing with a lot of contents. Secondly, maintain the highest clarity with a lot of negative space around. Lastly, optimize color elements, typography and scalability of the font to help readability in any device and situation.

Contact information is vital

Often users like to check the business credibility of yours by directly giving you a call or sending a text message. Do you make it easy for them to contact you just with an easy tap on the screen? Do you give your contact details in a prominent place on your website or do users need to struggle find it out? Well, this is crucial for driving business conversion.

Contact information Web Design tips Users mostly access on mobile devices and so, contact numbers, mail addresses, and location information should be easily clickable with a single tap. If you have stores let them know the location on a GPS map. Let them easily see the contact details by showing it in the home page.

Optimize CTA

Calls-to-action or CTA buttons are actionable areas that pushes users to take positive action on your website. More they interact higher the chances of your business conversion and so prominent CTA buttons are extremely important to drive them towards desirable actions. CTA links and buttons must be compelling enough to initiate action or fetch reaction from users. Make CTA optimized with more relevant and purpose focused texts. Secondly, use colors in buttons create the perfect emotional match and lastly the clickable area should be finger tap friendly as most users access web from mobile.

Impressive user experience

The importance of user experience in driving users to desirable business action is paramount. But is it only about eye grabbing interface and beautiful colors to entice attention. Or, is there more to it? Obviously, it is a culminated value comprising several aspects like ease of use, speed and performance, usefulness and aesthetic appeal. In core it is basically about how you can help users get their things done from your website. Easier and least time consuming the way you help them get things done better an impression you create and better chances of business conversion you have. It may read like a formula but well, it is the most tested and trusted formula to drive conversion as of now.

Apply right color

Colors have big psychological impact and more than creating so called aesthetic appeal they can subtly influence visitors towards certain actions to drive business conversion. So choosing the right color as per your business niche, purpose and audience is important to convert visit into business actions. Colors can boost or undermine the chances of conversion in more ways than one. For instance, blue as the color of reliability is used mostly by banks and financial institutions. But you can hardly find a blue painted or grey splashed food website, because both of these colors are known to suppress hunger.

Easy and prominent navigation

Poor navigation is often the biggest culprit responsible for most website traffic dropouts. When the important links should be put at the most visible places, you cannot surround them with clutter. Good navigation means mainly proper placing of navigation links in visually discoverable places and they are crucial to encourage visitors to stay on the site and move around on your website and do more with your content. The chances of business conversion depend upon how longer you can let them stay on your page.

Focus on testing

It is the testing of your website that will show where you lag behind and where you still have chances to improve the design. You have made a near perfect design with all things visually and use-wise in great shape. But just a small mistake like a non-working GPS map in the contact page remained unattended. Such unwanted potholes are laid bare by A/B testing of each web page and to ensure optimum output for a conversion friendly design there cannot be a better rescue than A/B testing.

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