Best Features of WordPress in 2015

Best Features of WordPress in 2015 : WordPress Developer & Blogger Opinion

WordPress Core is Developed with new features with the new update. In 2015, WordPress has a lot of changes. We are going to take a look in these changes. I have personally contacted with some WordPress Developer and WordPress user and got their opinion.

I have asked some Developer and Blogger that, What is the best features of WordPress in this 2015? I have noticed that Developer and Blogger have different types of feelings with WordPress. I know it’s natural. They are really satisfied with WordPress. I have realized WordPress do everything well for both Developer and Blogger.

Best Features of WordPress in 2015

Let’s start, what other WordPress Developer says about the Best Feature of WordPress in 2015.

01. Ahmad Awais : The best feature of WordPress for me as a developer has always been the community around it. But if you talk about 2015 I’d have to settle with the REST API. It’s huge. Not many people agree with that, but they are actually waiting for some practical applications of REST API before starting to believe in it. Though, Calypso makes for a very good example.

Best Features of WordPress 2015

I am 100% satisfied with the WordPress community over the World, what about you?

02.  Founder of timbdesignQuick accessible development in a way that a client can edit w/out code – W custom post types, taxonomies and fields 🙂

Tim Brown

I think these features are really very important for all and I think most people fall in love with WordPress for these features.

03.  : Formatting shortcuts in the WYSIWYG is probably my favorite. But i really like how site icons are built into core now. Both 4.3+


Formatting shortcuts really save time and I can realize it while I am writing this post. 😛

04.  : I think the best feature for a LONG time is the new Rest API. The improvements for plugins and themes is going to be huge!

Ronnie Pye

05.  : Heya Roy! Same as it’s ever been: ability to reach the entire world at an incredibly low cost. 🙂


WordPress is totally for Free and Only WordPress can provide low cost and better service for creating any type of Website.

06.  : Very good question, I’d say I’ve been most excited about the formatting shortcuts, saving me tons of time blogging!


07. : My fav new WordPress feature is the REST API.


08. : No problem, the question is too easy! 😀 WP REST API <3


09.  : WordPress left much to wish that year, despite the changes, honestly do not see any highlight!


10.  : Extensibility + ACF Pro


I think ACF Pro is loved by most WordPress Developer. You can customize WordPress with powerful, professional and intuitive fields.

Let’s divide this post into two parts, one part for Blogger and Writer and another part for WordPress Developer.

Blogger and Writer Opinion:

They love the Formating Shortcuts of WordPress editor. It really saves our time while writing with different format. An article never completes without different types of format like H2, H3, Ordered List, Unorder List.

WordPress Developers Opinion:

WOW!!! This is very simple. WordPress API is the best feature of WordPress. While I was talking with Developer’s most of them love this feature. Actually, I don’t find any Developer who doesn’t love it. Custom post types, Fields also most popular feature of WordPress.

Let’s Wrap Up! 

WordPress community is very strong then other CMS. If you face any problem you can easily get almost instant solution via the forum. WordPress is updated and always add the latest trends of Web for it’s user. It’s a super CMS for Blogger, Developer. WordPress is not only stands for blogging site’s but also you can create any type of business, corporate, agency, portfolio Website within a few time.

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