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Gutenberg Editor is a revolutionary update in WordPress 5.0+ versions. The previous classic editor is gone due to Gutenberg. You may be familiar with markdown editor like Medium. That is something like markdown. But Gutenberg is more advanced and powerful then markdown editor. You should Check how Gutenberg Editor works to post if you want in-depth knowledge on it. Here are some other resources for Gutenberg Blocks Plugin.

Why you need Easy Blocks Plugin?

Easy Blocks is a Gutenberg block Editor plugin. You know default feature is not enough to satisfy someone. That’s why we are here with Easy Blocks. This is not only a plugin, but it’s the first page-builder for Gutenberg. It helps you to divide your page into multiple columns. Nothing extra configuration needed to work with it.

Things you can do with Easy Blocks Plugin?

Most of the blocks support different width and size system. You can select a wide width or full width for the blocks.

It supports multiple column variations, which will help you to develop a page or post from scratch. There is 20 professional quality block which will enhance your website quality.

Alert / Notification:

You will get 6 types for the alert block. These are Success, Warning, Danger, Info, Light, Dark. The difference between each type based on color and emotion. It's not only RTL ready but also you able to align the content left or center as prefer.

Author Profile / Bio:

If you are a blogger, then you know the binding of adding Author Box in the blog post. We have three styles for author box, social media icons, colors, avatar shape. Place your social media URL and select how you want to showcase it in the author bio. There is icon only, text + icon, and text only variation for social media.


Highlight quote with this block. There is a lot of option which will help you to customize your blockquote. You can align your quote in Left, Center, and Right. Also, selecting the text and background color is easy in this section. Use the color picker or paste your desired color code.

Image and Content:

This block allows you to arrange image + content in the same align. You can Swap the position from the block setting. Use relevant media to make your webpage professional.

Title and Subtitle:

You may need Title + Subtitle in your blog post or page. It helps you to explain the topic concept easily. Sometimes the title is not enough to clarify and you need a subtitle. Align your content properly on different pages as you need.

Call to Action:

You can't imagine the marketing World without the call to action. It used to attract visitors to click on any link. Generally, people place their sales page link via the call to action.


Cards usually used to highlight your content with an eye-catching image. Upload your high-resolution image, enter your title and description. That's all creates an excellent card for your pages.

Counter Up Block:

Sometimes it's necessary to add counter up in your webpage. Via counter up block, you can showcase, how many projects you have done, satisfied customer, Awards Won, Sleepless night, etc. Don't forget to select how many columns you want per row and the background color too.


Client Feedback enhances the loyalty of any Website. Nothing complicated with this section. Type the feedback manually and add your client's portrait image. You can add as much testimonial as you need in page or post.

Testimonial slider:

You will get everything like the General Testimonial block. As an extra, you will get a Plus (+) option here to add multiple testimonials or client feedback within a slide. Add as much feedback as you want and publish it. It will slide automatically one by one.

Click To Tweet:

Social Media helps to go One step ahead for your business. Twitter one of the most used social site where people like to publish quotes. We made it easy for you. Just create a “Click To Tweet" block and type the message you want your audience to share via their Twitter profile.

Instagram Block:

Adding Instagram Feed in your post or page is easy now. Just select the block and insert the API key. If you don't know where you will get the API key, no problem; after adding the block, you will see get an online tool URL which will help you to get the API. You can customize the column, Image number, Spacing.

Hero Image:

Hero Image helps the website or blog owner to create an outstanding webpage. The purpose of a hero image is to get attention from visitors. If you love parallax background, then enable it from the block cover settings option. You are free to select Title, Content and Overlay color. We have included color picker with some default standard color. Don't forget to choose background Opacity; this will increase the readability of your content.

Feature Box:

To get a better look, we recommend you use this block in a column. This block has a Title, Description, and Custom URL option. No extra customization for this section. Everything is done by default.

Feature Grid:

Arrange your multiple services or features with the help of this block. It based on the Grid system. You can select any one from our built-in six styles. Also, choose columns from 1 to 3 for your features. Use it multiple time to add as much as feature you want.

Social Share:

No matter where you want to put social share button in your Website, you can do it easily with this block. There are eight variations with tons of customization possibilities. That means you can do anything with the social share block. We have included Effect, Style, Size, color within this pack.

Pricing Table:

Adding your different product or service in a pricing table is easy now. There are four types of variation by default. You can arrange a pricing table in three different sizes as Align Center, Wide width and Full Width.

Logo Slider:

Logo Slider helps you to add all of the logo, who has featured you in their website or blog. There are multiple column variations from 1 to 4. You can type some Title and Description for each logo. Action on click option will help you to select what happens when someone clicks on any logo. You can choose a custom URL or Lightbox opening for each logo. Select fixed height or Auto height depending on your logo size. If you like to change the title, description and hover color, then use the color palate.

Finally, I can say 20+ blocks is huge to create different niches website. Per week we release new blocks and fix issues. If you face problem on any block then don't for get to notify us. Our developer team will get in touch with you to solve your issue.

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