Best WordPress Poll Plugin

Best WordPress Poll Plugin For Running survey or Ask Question

What is Poll?

Poll stand for the process of voting in a survey. But there are some other usefulness of using poll into your website. Now, just voting is not the main fact for using poll into a website. Many SEO experts suggest for use poll for grab visitor attention.

How Poll increase your Website Popularity?

Suppose, you have made an article about “Creating a jQuery Slider”. You can start a Question survey for your article. At the last section of your can invite your reader for replay some question about how much they learn about “Creating a jQuery Slider”. Thus, your visitor will stay more into your website and your may rank well into the search engine too.

I am going to share some Best WordPress Poll Plugin for your website. I will also tell details how to use these plugins.

Let’s dig into this plugin and how to use them.

Polldaddy Polls & Ratings

You can easily create and manage polls with the Polldaddy Polls and Ratings plugin. You can do everything with your WordPress dashboard. Just you need to create an account into and generate your API. After install and active this plugin, it will show you how to generate your API key. Look at the following image and you can understand how to create a poll and where you can find the shortcode also. You can post your shortcode into your any posts or pages.
Polldaddy Polls Ratings Backend
After creating your Pool when you paste the shortcode into a page, it looks like the following image.
wordpress poll plugin

WP-Polls WordPress Plugin

WP-Polls is extremely customizable Plugin via templates and css stylesheet. There are tons of options for you to choose to ensure that WP-Polls runs the way you wanted. It now supports multiple selection of answers and you can set your polls anywhere of your website or blog.

Look at the following image, I have showed you how “Add Polls” option works. When you click on “Add Poll” button after writing your question, answer and other settings, you will get a popup message with shortcode. Copy this shortcode and paste it where you need to show your poll.

WP Polls WordPress Plugin


I know you like to see the output of this plugin. Just take a look at the following image and you can see the real preview of this plugin poll.

wordpress poll plugin


Download WP-Polls WordPress Plugin


Polls by OpinionStage

Polls by OpinionStage is a powerful WordPress Plugin for creating awesome polls into your website. You have to create an account into OpinionStage for working with this plugin. You can also login with Facebook, Twitter and G+ account also. It’s very easy and free for use.

Some Key Feature of this WordPress Poll Plugin:

  • Discover opinions
  • Boost engagement – increase time-on-site, page views & shares
  • Drive traffic from social networks
  • Run contests and sweepstakes
  • Generate revenue by integrating ads in the polls
  • Gather contact info such as emails & social profiles
  • Get up and going in minutes

Create poll and design it into OpinionStage. After finishing create poll you can easily insert it via this following button. Just paste your poll ID and you have done.

Polls by OpinionStage Backend


Look at the following image and see how awesome the poll looks like.

Polls by OpinionStage

Download Polls by OpinionStage WordPress Plugin

Polls are always effective for decrease your bounce rate and increase your visitor. But never use poll unnecessarily into your site or blog. Use useful poll and try to attract your visitor mind.

Let’s Wrap Up!

This is all about WordPress Poll Plugin. Now, it’s time to create your poll and grab your visitors attention. After all, this plugin help you to get your visitors attention and you can easily listen your visitors mind.

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