WordPress E-commerce Theme And Plugin

How WordPress E-commerce Theme And Plugin Contributing to the Market?

WordPress is no longer recognized merely as a blogging platform but is also acknowledged as an all-around solution that help create and manage a responsive and fully functional website. The popularity of the WordPress CMS can be estimated considering the fact that it powers more than 24 percent of websites over the Internet.

In a recent interview with Matt Mullenweg (the creator of the WordPress platform), it was concluded that after powering a quarter of sites all across the web, WordPress will evolve from a publishing platform to a powerful e-commerce solution. Matt  also said that soon the open-source WordPress CMS software will offer better control over setting up an e-commerce store online.

 WordPress E-commerce Theme And Plugin

The E-commerce industry is thriving, so leveraging an e-commerce solution can prove a profitable deal. And, you can present your e-commerce offering by creating a WordPress e-commerce website. The best part about setting an online store using the WordPress platform is that the plugins are reasonably cheap, and can help in adding brilliant e-commerce features and functions in your site.

In this post, I’ve listed some of the best trending ways that will help you add e-commerce functionality into your WordPress site.

WordPress E-commerce Theme And Plugin

Use an E-Commerce Plugin

The quickest and easiest way to add e-commerce functionality to your site is using a WordPress plugin.

Use an E-Commerce Plugin

Whether you are setting an online store from scratch or simply want to add e-commerce features, using WordPress as your CMS and installing an e-commerce plugin will help you set up an e-store that can be easily managed unlike a Magento powered e-commerce store.

Here is a list of plugins you can choose to embed e-commerce functionality in your WP site:

  • WooCommerce: This is one of the best and most sought-after e-commerce plugin out there. In fact, the reason behind the growing popularity of WordPress as an e-commerce platform is because of the ability WooCommerce provide in creating an e-commerce solution.

This plugin provides complete control over selling anything through your WordPress site. In addition, it comes bundled with exemplary features, including top-rated and recently viewed products, a price filter, etc. Also, it helps add ability to add shipping options, discount codes and other features that help deliver an enhanced online shopping experience.

  • JigoShop: This is another great plugin that renders the ability to track inventory and manage product orders via your WordPress site. And just like the WooCommerce plugin, JigoShop also provide control over maintaining shipping costs, discount codes and managing orders. In addition, it provides options to display similar products in the site.

Choose a WordPress E-commerce Theme

Another great e-commerce alternative is to pick any pre-built WordPress e-commerce theme, as it will help in building a professional-looking e-store in no time, particularly without having to worry about writing long lines of code.

Even with basic knowledge of HTML and CSS web technologies, you can customize your ready-made WP theme. The best aspect about using a WordPress theme is that you will be able to create your own online store without having to pay any monthly or yearly transaction fees that you will probably incur when using any other e-commerce option.

When choosing a theme for your e-commerce site, pick one that’s eye-catching and fully functional. Most importantly, select one that contains product sliders, as they provide the opportunity to showcase promoted products. Besides this, try looking for a theme that features parallax design, as it will easily grab users’ attention and convincing them want to see more.

Here are two of the most trusted sources from where you can download an e-commerce template:

  • WordPress Theme Directory – WordPress official site WordPress.org contains a theme directory that contains thousands of free to download themes, which includes e-commerce templates as well.
  • ThemeForest The site is highly recognized for offering brilliant themes for all kinds of websites, including the premium WordPress e-commerce templates.

Integrated E-commerce Features of Other Platforms Into Your WordPress Site

Undoubtedly, WordPress is an extremely easy-to-use CMS and offers plenty of themes and plugins that can help you build a great e-commerce site from the ground up. But, there are several other e-commerce options that make e-commerce website development a breeze. Some of those options include Magento, BigCommerce, and many others.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could combine the features that other e-commerce platform offers with WordPress? One viable alternative is to integrate certain features of popular e-commerce platforms into your WordPress site. This can be achieved by making use of a few WordPress plugins. For example, the Bigcommerce WordPress plugin helps in integrating product images and links of a hosted eCommerce shopping cart into a WordPress install.


Basically, the plugin helps you link to your Bigcommerce powered e-store products from within your WP install. Likewise, you can add the functionality of Shopify e-commerce site to WordPress in minutes using the Shopify plugin and so on.

Let’s Wrap Up!

WordPress holds a strong position in the online marketplace as a powerful and intuitive publishing platform, powering a quarter of websites – be it any corporate site, a portfolio site, etc. However, a lot more improvements need to be made to the WordPress platform, so as to give users the ability to create a strong online identity using this platform. And, according to a recent interview with WordPress creator Matt Mullenweg, the platform will no longer be acknowledged as a great publishing platform only, but will also be considered one of the most sought-after options for making your presence felt in the e-commerce industry.

In essence, you can expect a lot more features to be added to the WordPress platform that will help make it a popular choice among users for setting up their e-store. So, if you’re planning on building your own WordPress powered e-commerce site, then reading this post will help provide useful insight on how you can setup a successful online store using WordPress.

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