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5 Step For Getting Search Engine Friendly Backlinks

Hey DUDE 😀 , as you are reading this article I know you are an SEO optimizer or Affiliate Marketer and You always need the search engine friendly backlinks. Am I right? I know you will say yes.  Let’s dig into some step and you will able to gain best backlinks for your site. You know that Backlinks are important for rank your website into the search engine. This is a common knowledge for all SEO optimizer or marketer. I don’t want to describe this sentence anymore. I want to share something extraordinary within a few sentence.

What types of Backlinks are searched by the search engine for rank your website?

This was the main question to me before 3 months. Most of the people are searching for how to create backlinks for a website?  But I was searching for what types of backlinks loved by Search Engine?  Now this is clear to me and I hope that I can clear it to you also.

When a baby doesn’t know how to write “A”, it  seems very hard for his/her 🙁 . But when he/she learned how to write “A”, it seems easier than write any other letter 🙂 .

This is also the same case like this babe. If you know what type of backlinks wanted by Search Engine you can easily invent your own way for doing this.

Now, come to the main point about search engine friendly backlinks and what types of backlinks wanted by the search engine.Google The Best Search Engine

Google is the number one search engine over the world. Google needs relevant backlinks for rank your website. For
example: You have a website about “Weight Loss” and you are searching for create backlinks for it. If you search on Google, you will get tons of website or blog with Weight Loss category. You don’t know which website or blog more relevant to your website. At first I suggest you to choose .org, .edu sites. If you able to create more backlinks into this type of site you can easily rank your site. If your site is pure about weight loss you have to target all pure site which provide medicine or solution for weight loss.

Perhaps, as a technology blogger I am going to share another example with WordPress Themes. We have a website which provides Premium WordPress themes and Plugins. If we target those site’s which provide WordPress Theme review,  we can not rank our official website easily into the search engine. But if we target,, types of website we can easily rank our website. Google know that will never link those websites which provide “Weight Loss” solution.

Finally, I want to say that target those sites which are familiar with Google with your niche.

Now, I hope that you can easily write “A” like the baby. 😛 if you don’t, you can ask me any question with your comment.

How to create search engine friendly backlinks?

Step One is going to start for creating search engine friendly backlinks. As you have realized what types of backlinks searched by search engine, this step will be easy for you.

Step 1 # Go to and install this plugin into your favorite  browser. I love Google Chrome and I will show you screenshot with my Google Chrome.

SEOquake helps to search engine friendly backlinks

After install SEO quake, go to and search for something. If you able to see something like this following image your setup is perfectly complete.

Search Engine Friendly Backlinks and SEOquake

Step 2# Here I am going to share some technique for your search. This technique will help you to find your best website or blog to create a backlink. I am going to share some footprint for find your best relevant website.

  • Your Keyword “Allowed HTML tags:” – This is one of the most popular way to find quality backlink for your website. Simply use your keyword in than add “Allowed HTML tags:”.
  • Your Keyword inurl:blog “post a comment” -“you must be logged in” – With this footprint you able to find High DA(Domain Authority) sites relevant with your keyword. This sites are moderated highly so that you must avoid spam for get a Backlink.
  • Your Keyword inurl:blog “post a comment” -“you must be logged in”
  • Your Keyword “if you have a website, link to it here” “post a new comment”
  • “leave a comment” “powered by wordpress”
  • “powered by wordpress”
  • “powered by wordpress”
  • “forums register”

How to Use this Footprints to create Search Engine Friendly Backlinks:

Suppose, My keyword is “WordPress”. I like to find our relevant website with this keyword for building quality backlinks for the search engine.

Let’s make it perfect with footprint and finally it looks like the following sentence:

WordPress“Allowed HTML tags:”. Let’s search into Google. You may find something like the following image. Now we are going to filter our search with SEOquake. Look at the SEOquake main menu, I have marked it with the red rectangle and red arrow. You can sort your results with PR(Page Rank), I (Google Index), Alexa rank and so on. But I always use PR and I for finding best site with my niche.

Footprints and SEOquake into Search Engine for Search Engine Friendly Backlinks


Step 3# If you think that footprints are not easy for you. It seems that you can not use them properly. Drop my link is an online backlink searching tool will help you to find your niche website easily. Create an account into DropMyLink and then you will get access for find relevant website with your keyword. Enter your keyword and choose your category + Footprint and hit enter button of your keyword.

[N:B: Step 2# and Step 3# both help you to find a relevant website with your niche. Choose any one of this step for your work. Or you can use both of them as you need.]

Drop My Link helps to find Search Engine Friendly Backlinks


Step 4#I have sorted these search result with SEOquake option. I have found and into the top result. This two site is my target now. This is a very good system for build quality backlinks. When I find out some best website I always visit their homepage and try to understand their post and then try to contribute with them by an informative comment. will give me the best Search Engine Friendly Backlinks for WordPress Keyword.

search engine friendly backlinks for WordPress Topic


Step 5# You don’t have to do something in this step 5, but you have to understand something in this step. I think this is the main step for building search engine friendly backlinks or quality backlinks for your website or clients website.

If you submit a comment into a blog, but the moderator doesn’t approve it then this is useless. If you answer a question into a forum but the reader mark your answer as spam then this is useless too. So what to do now 😕 ?

Write informative comment after reading any article. Don’t try to submit comment before reading an article. Write long comment related with post and try to ask something. Make a great conversation with other by a comment. Your useful comment and forum answer can help many people and they must visit your website.

Let’s Wrap Up!

If you don’t mind I want to say that don’t be a foolish spammer but be an intelligent spammer 😛 . Seriously, if you can realize this line you can realize this full post. Try to find out some best way yourself and you can how easy to build quality and search engine friendly backlinks within a short time.


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