Google Plus and SEO

How & Why Google Plus Helps Us to Better SEO?

What is Google Plus?

Google Plus (Google +)  is a social network by Google Service. Google Inc is the owner of this social network. Google Plus launched officially at June 2011. There is some awesome advanced feature. Creating a Google Plus account is very simple. Just create a Google account and sign in with your Google account. One account is everything into Google.

How Google Plus Helps Doing Better SEO?

This is important and key section of this post. Look at the following infographic and imagine that you are the owner of this type of profile. There are a different type of people and they love different thing to do.

Google Plus Helps SEO


When you share any story, it will index by Google Search Engine. For example, you share a new story about “Free Blogger Template”. After some hour, it will index by Google. When “Blogspot Lover” search on Google about “Free Blogger Template” he/she may see your story which you share in Google Plus. You can see the real example in this following image.

Google Plus story helps for get traffic


If anyone hide privet result on Google Search, he/she may not see your story on the search result. But it’s a matter of joy that- most people don’t hide privet result.

Now you can understand how Google Plus can increase your website traffic by it’s search result. If you don’t have a Google Plus account, create now and hope you can increase your website traffic.

Why Google Plus is necessary for SEO?

SEO based on more and more traffic. Not only traffic but targeted traffic. Google Plus change your friends or followers search result. This is very helpful to increase any website traffic. After all, I want to say that Google Plus Groups are more active and help you to generate more targeted traffic.

Hope you can realize the necessity of Google Plus profile.

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