Easy Blocks – Gutenberg Blocks Collection

?Easy Blocks is a Gutenberg WordPress Plugin. It’s made for Gutenberg user, who likes to design page or post with blocks.

?Throw out previous installed heavy Page builder and install the lightweight blocks plugin.

?Cons of Previous Page builder: It’s impossible to see how the design looks in backend. You can select some pre built design only. Generally a page builder loads too much script and make a Website slower then normal.

Why Easy Blocks?

Because, it’s a very ? lightweight plugin and customize post or pages in different variations. Compatible with any free or pro WordPress Theme. We recommend you to select full width template while making a landing page with this Plugin.

Some in depth features:

?Alert Or Notification: Using alert in Webpage makes it highlighted to the audience. This plugin allow you to use different type of alert like Success, Danger, Light, Dark etc. There is a option to use Dismiss able and Non Dismiss able alert too.

Gutenberg Plugin Alert or Notification

?Testimonial Block: Testimonial section helps to add clients feedback within any page or post. It’s better to add separate client feedback in each product page. Visitors likes to see their desired product’s testimonial first then decide to buy it. So try to collect testimonial from your existing clients and use it in your page.

Testimonial block

?Blockquotes: Wondering to mention Quotes in your blog post? But the default system is not user friendly, right? This feature will solve your problem. You not only can change the Text color and style but also can the “Blockquotes" icon color too.

Gutenberg Block quote Block

?Call To Action: It’s a special feature for the marketers. Call to action is necessary for visitors intention. Just put your title and URL properly and update your page.

Call to action block

?Image Content: We have added this feature so that you can showcase image & Content within a same row. Arrange image left or right for more visual attraction.

Image and Content Block

?Card Image and Text: Card’s used to highlight a specific section in any Page. We have integrated this feature with Adding an Image + Content. The image will be placed in top and then content. We recommend to use high resolution image for better performance.

Card Block

?Heading & Sub Heading: Generally if you put Heading & Sub Heading in a page, it will not align properly. That’s why we have designed this section, so that you can arrange perfectly in your pages.

Title and Subtitle block

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