Introducing “MA Custom CSS” for Elementor Free Version

Elementor Custom CSS is not available without Elementor Pro version. We’ve released “MA Custom CSS” extension on Master Addons for Elementor Plugin.

Elementor free version offers really great options as a normal user needs. But there are lots of people wants more to do, expectations are growing higher. We’re also stuck on that, decided to make Elementor free version better to use.

While I was developing a website it’s really necessary to give some fine-tuning with CSS. There are few ways to add CSS on Elementor, but they’re not legit especially you’re targeting a dynamic Section.

Master Addons Custom CSS
Master Addons Custom CSS

On previous, we’re Developing our WordPress Themes with Visual Composer. But Elementor has changed the world for Visually Design a page, Flexibility, Speed, and Customization Options.

We’ve found only lackings about Custom CSS. We understand well this is Elementor’s business policy, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Possiblity is unlimited with “MA Custom CSS”. It works exact same way as Elementor Pro Custom CSS.

Here’s Custom CSS Hover Examples:


Why you need Custom CSS on Elementor?

I will say, why not? Who doesn’t want freedom!

If you want freedom then you must need this feature. There will be lots of limitations for focusing on your brand flavor. You must want to personalize your website with your brand color scheme, animations, design variations, etc.

On shorthand, you must require some extra customization options regarding your business and target audience.

Only, Elementor Custom CSS allows you to create a beautiful design and layout for your WordPress Website.


  1. Works with any Elements or Sections
  2. Columns Control
  3. Can target child elements
  4. Hover Effects CSS
  5. Unlimited possibilities
  6. Personalize your coding opportunity

Elementor Custom CSS Examples:

Create a landing page like moving Background Image animation.

Check this beautiful design with Elementor custom CSS example on Create Skewed background.

Reviews about MA Custom CSS:


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