What's New Features Of WordPress 4.3 ?

WordPress 4.3 is coming for making WordPress life easier than before. This post based on Features Of WordPress 4.3. I will show you details what you will get in WordPress 4.3. WordPress change a lot after WordPress 4.2 version released.

N:B: I have downloaded WordPress 4.3 Beta Version into my computer and took the screenshot using localhost.

Standard Menu Customization:

WordPress Core Team makes menu customization easy for us. WordPress Core Team move menu customization option into customizer screen. You can choose a new menu, Create new Menu and arrange Menu with customizer now. WordPress 4.3 provides you to work with navigation menu from Customizer. This is an awesome Features Of WordPress 4.3.

Adding Site Icon or Favicon:

Adding Favicon into a WordPress site is now easier than before. Go to Settings>General>Site Icon, Upload your Site Icon here. WordPress provides you edit your icon also. No need to use any plugin for adding Site Icon or Favicon.

Secure Password Than Before:

No need to think about your Password when you add a new user. WordPress will automatically provide you a strong password. Just save this password for your user. Just click "Show password" button and then WordPress will show you a stronger password. You don't need to depend on any Password Generator site for making a better Password.

Improves Editor Quality:

Many Blogger spends a lot of time in writing with WordPress Editor. If you want to make h2, h3 line into your WordPress Editor you must use your mouse. This is a waste of time, but in WordPress 4.3 you don't need to work with your mouse. Some Text Shortcuts will do your work.

Here some Text Shortcuts: 

Using – will start an unordered list.
Using 1. will start an ordered list.
Using # will transform into h1. ## for h2, ### for h3 and so on.
Using > will transform into blockquote.

Conclusion: WordPress always thinks about the user and it's all update gives us new looks and experience. This 4.3 update save writer time and strong password also secure your site.

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