How To Fix API KEY for Google Maps Problem?

Many people are facing a problem with Google Maps. After the Google API update, this problem becomes a major problem for the people who showcase their maps location in Website.

If you are a developer then it's very easy to fix for your Website. But if you are not a developer then you have to take help from a WordPress plugin named API KEY for Google Maps.

Simply install and active this plugin in your WordPress Website.

Now, it's time to create a Google Maps API.

Simply Go to Google API Console and create a new one or customize the existing project. 

After creating a new project just your domain twice like the following format. (*.domain.com/* and *domain.com/*).

Then you will get the browser API key for your Google Maps.

Go to WordPress Dashboard> Settings> Google API KEY and enter your Google API Key in the box. Then save it.

This plugin tips will work for all WordPress Themes. The plugin just configure your Website with Google Maps API so it it works great for your Website.

If you face any problem, don't feel shy to make a comment.

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