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20 Absolutely Free Bootstrap Dashboard Template Ready to download

If you want to establish a pro-quality dashboard for your site or application, then you haven’t to worry much. As there are numbers of top-notch free to use Bootstrap admin templates, you can find some great UI toolkit for your task.

All the templates come with pre-built dashboard homepages. So, users can customize these tools according to their needs. Plus, there are many elements, options, and widgets available in the free admin templates. So, you can choose from the options for building a custom dashboard.

Besides, you are free to use graphics, charts, buttons, tables, and alerts. Notably, some of the most excellent free admin dashboard templates offer great animation effects and other User Interface elements. Thus, your admin dashboard will be more interactive and attractive.

More importantly, if you want to make a trial, then there are online demos available for each template. Go and try them to taste them whether they fulfill your needs or not.

What’s more, some of the free dashboard templates have premium version as well. While you’re looking for extended features and functionality, you may take them for your project.

Nothing more to introduce the Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Templates!

Now, let us start out our list of the Best Free Bootstrap Admin Templates 2020.


Adminator Dashboard Template

If you want to get a premium feel admin template, the Adminator dashboard would be a good choice for you. The admin dashboard comes with a sharp design and a beautiful look. This template will help you with all the features you need in a dashboard.

This a free bootstrap admin dashboard template where you will get even some rare widgets that are not available in premium versions. Moreover, you will get animated icons and a quick chat feature in this template.

The creators of the Adminator didn’t try only to give an elegant look to your dashboard. This is a free admin dashboard coming with a premium quality admin template. Among the numbers of features, you will get a calendar, chat, charts, UI elements, forms, multiple levels, maps, and many more to use.

Overall, this is all about the admin dashboard. Was the description enough to help you know about the Adminator? If it was not, then dive deeper into the link below to know more.


Concept bootstrap dashboard template

If you are looking for a multi-use admin template, the Concept would be a handy choice for you. The developer of the Concept template offers you with all the functions and features you require to build a perfect template. Notably, you will be able to use a lot of graphic charts and elegant icons. Those charts and icons will let you make up the statistics properly.

What’s more, you can use the animation and visual effects to get the most exciting operational comfort. When you will interact with the tables and icons, you can do it with ease. Along with the primary dashboard, a user will also be able to use other pages and pre-made widgets pre-designed for you. That is, there is a separate login-form pre-made page for you.

Fortunately, you can use the smooth animation and lucid transition effects to formulate this template quicker. In this way, you will be able to increase the user’s productivity.

ArchitectUI HTML Dashboard Free

ArchitectUI HTML Dashboard Free

As aforementioned, ArchitectUI – HTML is a free edition having comparatively limited functionalities. You will get here only a demo concept shown and there are no extra pages and features in the admin dashboard. Still, there are basic dashboard elements included such as charts and forms in this ArchitectUI – HTML.

You will get almost equal code quality as the premium edition of other dashboards. It can be said that, if you can work with these limited features, then this dashboard might be interesting for you. Plus, if you want better quality, you should go for the premium edition of this. To know more, let’s get into the Info dashboard below.

ArchitectUI React

ArchitectUI React

ArchitectUI React is a dynamic robust React dashboard template that is free of cost. As you have seen earlier, this template is from the same developer of ArchitectUI. So, you can hope for getting the almost equal pro design and code quality. But somehow, as It’s a free admin dashboard, you’d have to deal with fewer functions.

That is to say, as a developer, if you love to customize your own, this admin dashboard template will let you build a strong template. Someday, if you want to grow up your level, then you are most welcome the pro edition. To know more, let’s get into the Info dashboard below.

ArchitectUI Angular 7 Dashboard

ArchitectUI Angular 7 Dashboard

Yet the ArchitectUI Angular 7 is a free edition of the aforementioned premium admin dashboard, all its elements are very well-made by the developer.

Most importantly, you will get all the basic bootstrap elements within this edition. Therefore, one can easily make a perfect dashboard within a short moment. Although, its default dashboard comes with fewer bootstrap components. But, as this is the free ArchitectUI Angular 7, you shouldn’t accuse that much.

However, you will get a similar pro-quality design and code formation. Maintaining it’s design and structure, a user will be able to build his custom dashboard. Another thing we should let you know that the essential optimizations are perpetrated in the default design. So, you can easily create the admin dashboard useable for your task.

If you want to know more about ArchitectUI Angular 7, then you are grandly requested to get into their website link given below.

ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue

ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue

Just like all the other templates you get in our list, ArchitectUI VueJS is another cracking admin dashboard with a modern look.

ArchitectUI VueJS is a free light-weight swift dashboard. Alhough you are not going to get all features in this free version, but at least you can create a decent basic design. Besides, there are simple to edit codebase design to develop your custom components. If you are very picky about using themes and colorful elements, then there is the option for you. It offers a clean white theme with a pleasant look. If you want to know more about this free admin template, then the below Info Tab has a lot more to help you.


Kiaalap Dashboard Template

If you are looking for a material style admin dashboard template, the Kiaalap would be a great pick for you. Since the Android Pie release, Google altered the shape of the material design for a better user experience. The architect of the Kiaalap admin dashboard template offers an updated design.

This is an amazing dashboard coming with visual and animation effects. These effects express your content engagingly to you. The navigation sidebar can be minimized if needed. Moreover, you can easily enhance the template animation of the sidebar. Plus, all Icons of this dashboard sharply designed to exhibit the selections in the slim sidebar. Again, you can use links and application links In the top bar account. Are you going to make this dashboard for a website application? If you want it, then this navigation structure would let you get relevant content effortlessly.

What’s more, there is a chat tool available. In this case, while a user needs to contact, they can get in touch with you immediately. The name of this free chat tool is the Tawkto chat tool. Luckily, you can easily set this tool to prepare it for your task. Thus, you will be able to create a decent dashboard with all the basic elements. To know more, let’s get into the Info dashboard of the Kiaalap material style admin dashboard template.

Nice Bootstrap Admin Lite

Nice Bootstrap Admin Lite

If you love to acquire your admin rolling in a small breeze, then the Nice admin dashboard template is for you. It comes with bundles of useful content that would let you go miles away with your project. Whatever you need to do to optimize your dashboard, the Nice template helps you to visualize it. Along with the free version, a user may go for its premium. In this way, he/she will be able to reveal a new world of options and possibilities.

This is an appealing, eye-catchy, and modern template. The Nice theme comes with tons of useful features. For example, it has basic sample pages, UI elements, plugins, widgets, charts, and tables. By using the Nice admin dashboard template properly, you will be able to experience its huge functionalities. Try the Nice for free for your projects. And, if you love to explore more, don’t forget to taste the pro version!

Elegant Bootstrap Admin Lite

Elegant Bootstrap Admin Lite

As the name implies, you are going to get an elegant feel within the template. This a free Bootstrap admin dashboard template coming with premium feel features. Fortunately for the users, this admin dashboard comes with a modern and minimal design. But one thing you should keep in mind that this theme should be used only for personal use. On the other hand, if you want it for commercial use, then you get to use its Pro version. However, if you feel that you are okay enough to go with the Lite version, then you can go ahead and use it for as long as you can cope with it.

To give a short description of its features, let’s overview some of the numbers. Elegant offers one main dashboard and six internal pages. Plus, there are ten UI elements and plugins, icons, tables, charts, and forms. Notice! Though, it’s free, still Elegant is serving you with elegance.

Xtreme Bootstrap Admin Lite

Xtreme Bootstrap Admin Lite

No matter in which situation you have fallen apart, the Xtreme dashboard template has extreme solutions for you. This is free to use the admin dashboard template offering an easy download and put to use in one click. All you need to do to set the template ready to work is some customizations and tweaks. With its solid and extreme layout, you will be able to acquire superior results. Xtreme comes with bundles of top-notch features and tools. It doesn’t matter what your online project is all about, Xtreme is always there to serve you.

Let’s come to see some of the excellent features of this template. It comes with seven-page templates, ten plugins,

UI elements, two forms, three tables, and more than one hundred icons. Plus, Xtreme updates regularly. Then, go and take action now!

Free Matrix Admin

Free Matrix Admin

Matrix Admin dashboard template comes with a combination of well-structured features. This offers an intuitive and attractive design. With the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap admin framework, it supports most perfectly for amateur or professional webmasters.

As a webmaster, you are going to establish your online home, projects, or business. Thus, you can hope for a reliable, strong, and modern framework within it. By using the Matrix Admin dashboard template you can easily establish your site with no time and effort. That is to say, it is an amazing dashboard template coming with visual and animation effects. These effects express your content engagingly to you. Moreover, Matrix comes with tons of features. There are two dashboard presentations. Plus, it integrates more than 20 plugins. Thus, the theme will make a web developer’s life easier and smoother.

What’s more, with bundles of smart widgets and easy to use options, Matrix admin comes handy to you. For example, you will enjoy an excellent graphing capacity to develop analytical work and data handling simply. Further, it can make:

  • Professional quality charts
  • Interactive graphs
  • Colorful widgets
  • Functional buttons, sidebars, headers

More importantly, the template is cross-compatible with all devices. And it is mobile-oriented and completely lightweight. Plus, the template is very fast-loading.

Try the Matrix Admin for free. For more, if you love to explore more, don’t forget to taste the premium version!

Srtdash Admin dashboard

Srtdash Admin dashboard

If you are looking for the best admin dashboard for financial websites, the Srtdash admin template would be one great pick for you. You can get this template for use in software products of any financial industry.

Using this free admin dashboard, a user will be able to operate their financial accounts maintaining a trace of their financial actions. Thanks to the developer of this dashboard who organized the Srtdash template. The template is based on the cryptocurrency idea. Apart from the cryptocurrency system, you can even use Srtdash for the stock market business. In general, modern stock market businesses are supported by bots. It offers simple accessibility to the Srtdash template to the users.

This is an amazing template where you can see the livestock value plus their values. Besides, there are charts and graphs available. With the charts and graphs, a user can visualize the contents. Plus, there are navigation links given in two sidebars. You will get the dashboard links in the left sidebar. And the right sidebar is of account setting.

Thus, Srtdash offers all its components very functional in certain places. To maintain this free admin template, you need to look after the backend process as well. Another important thing we should let you know about the dashboard is that it comes with a fullscreen option.



As per its name, you may have already guessed that the Jeweler is for use on the e-commerce site and fashion shop site admins.

If you want to upgrade your business plans, then the first thing you need to know is a clear understanding of your sales graph. By maintaining a proper sales chart, you can establish a fail-proof business plan.

The jeweler is a template that helps you with an overall review of your sales, revenue, orders, net profit, etc. business parameters. In addition, there are three dashboard admins variations available in this template. As per your requirement, you can choose from different chart elements. What’s more, you will get a massive calendar element. With this calendar element, you will be able to easily arrange your daily schedule or shipment date, and inventory refill dates.

More importantly, there are bundles of font-awesome icons available in the Jeweler dashboard. So, you can nicely work with well-organized icon templates. As said earlier, this is for an e-commerce store admin template. Therefore, you will get many unique online store elements to set up your business. Moreover, there are many regular elements. For example, charts, bars, and forms are some elements.

Again, there are visual effects and lightboxes which showcase your content elegantly. This is not all about the template you have known! If you like to know more, let’s get into the Info dashboard of the Jeweler e-commerce dashboard template.

Sufee Admin Dashboard


Sufee admin dashboard template is a special one for those website admins who love to keep a tab on many things concurrently.

This dashboard comes with automotive design. Therefore, you can make it to follow the profile activities of social media. This template will support for the most popular social media, including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google plus.

More importantly, with the Sufee admin dashboard, one can see his website traffic details on the homepage of the site. Thus, we recommend Suffee as one of the most excellent free bootstrap admin dashboards for solopreneurs. So, if you are a website owner or if you have business website templates, then this mighty template can be a handy pick for you.

Another important thing is that this admin dashboard offers a flat design that lets you see more stats and values in a communal system. What’s more, there are some great UI elements in this template. For example, you will get a call to action tabs, badges, buttons, tabs, forms, and tables. Last, of all, it can be said that the Sufee admin dashboard template will help the users with bundles of chart variations. Thus, you can overview data where you want it in the most preferred form.



If you want a professional admin dashboard, let us introduce Gentelella to you now. Plus, if you are looking for a text-rich and content-focused admin dashboard template, then Gentelella should be top on your choice list.

Without lacking on visual elements, the dashboard offers many unique web elements and pro-quality features. As it comes with some extraordinary website elements, it helps you to visualize web statistics smartly to you. There is a to-do list tab available at the bottom of the dashboard. With the to-do list tab, a user will be able to stay on track as well as he can see what are the most essential contents.

Also, you will get small smart icons and bold texts which come with perfect integrity. These features will help you to visualize essential information even when you are just watching on the face of it. Yet, this is not all about the template. You will get many more beneficial functionalities. That is, you can see recent activities and task completion indicator. Again, you may collapse the sidebar to show a decent view of your website. Plus, Gentelella includes many more website elements, tabs, layouts, level menus, charts, and forms, etc.


Nalika Admin Template

If you’re searching for a free dark mode admin dashboard, Nalika would be a good choice for you.

Nowadays, most of the devices support dark mode including Mac and Windows. That is why all software developers try to set up dark mode. You can easily and watch the contents on your device. Therefore, if you use Nalika dark mode admin template, then your online stores will look darker but smarter. In this way, it will be helpful for your user’s eye. Reducing eyestrain it lets the user browse your site at ease.

Plus, the Nalika dashboard template incorporates almost the same design as the aforementioned Jeweler dashboard. Both of the templates are from one creator. Yet, Nalika is supportive of users. On the other hand, Jeweler is for the website admin.

That is to say, Nalika is a perfect template for those who want to build up a community for online shoppers most likely the Amazon Spark. Your user can maintain a user account with the
Nalika template. Moreover, there are some pre-built popular social media features on this dashboard. In this way, a user will be able to share whatever you want from the template. What’s more, you’ll get several business widgets. Therefore, you can choose the elements as per your requirement. Thus, the dark mode of the Nalika dashboard template offers many colorful dashboards that would show your content elegantly.

SB Admin

SB Admin Template

SB Admin is another handy selection of the bootstrap admin dashboard template. There are numbers of tables and widgets used in the SB Admin admin dashboard template. Therefore, the users will be able to manage their Info/data simply. Besides, the dashboard offers particular options with each widget. Accordingly, one can easily use those widgets as well as can focus on the most preferable items.

As the aforementioned free bootstrap admin dashboards, the SB Admin comes with each basic component as well. Whatever you need, either tables-charts or a 404 error page, you will get every function within the template. At last, if you complete the custom functions, you should focus on the custom widgets.

If you like to know more or search for a bit more informative content about the SB Admin bootstrap admin dashboard template, get into the below tab.

Vali Admin

Vali Admin

Vali is another great addition to the free admin dashboard. This is a simple and bold looking template. Especially, the Vali Admin template is mostly suitable for those who want to get only essential data at a glance.

First of all, this free dashboard template comes with bundles of basic features. These features help a user to customize certain design and structure of the admin dashboard. For example, you can customize the background color and the font color of the template. Moreover, it comes with many neat and clean blocks. As you are going to see only a few data in the dashboard, the blocks are huge and will let you use the full-width design. Further, you can use visual effects on the admin dashboard.

Plus, it is designed sharply. So, you will be able to watch the statistics simply by clicking on the charts and tables.

What’s more, there are many elements available in this free admin dashboard. For example, you will get to use Bootstrap elements, widgets, and cards. Plus, there are six variations of charts, tables, and forms. The charts utilize animation effects in the dashboard template. Even If you like to use animated charts, you can make it at once. To know a bit more about the Vali Admin dashboard template, dive deeper into the below Info Tab.

Wrap UP!

As we are touching the finishing line, it needs no telling about the benefits of using free bootstrap admin dashboard templates in your web developing experience. All of the above templates will help you to give professional feel while creating and customizing your dashboard.

If you have still any questions, please feel free to comment below. We’ll be right back to you soon.

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