20+ Free iPad Mockup Templates Download For Designer & Developer

In this big collection of the mockup, I will just showcase iPad Mockup Templates. Some of the files are a mini collection of several mockups, created in PSD format, which is best suited for design or presentation of a product. All that is required for image processing - a little imagination of mind and the most common knowledge in the Photoshop.

Mind that these files in this collection are available for download without any payment. You can easily set your product into Photoshop. There are some interesting settings to adjust layer settings, edit effects and change the location in iPad. All of this settings may originally diversify your entire presentation. Keep in mind that the mockups  provide high-resolution, and its design perfectly executed in rich, vivid colors.

Let's Dig Into iPad Mockup Templates:

So, keep your attention in this given 25 free mockup iPad Template.

iPad-2 Gray Background

There is only one mocap where this unit sealed from the top. Effectively looks its screen, having the interesting highlights.


Autumn Style Mockup of iPad

This first mockup consists three files in PSD Format. You can find here a mockup Template, which shot in quite interesting ways. This gadget white, lying on the autumn leaves, and then the same plate, but in the hands of the user sitting at the round table.


iPad On The Background Of Gray Flooring

Another best and unique collection of five Mockup worthy of your viewing. There are well represented not only the device iPad but the IPhone 5 and stylish headset that can be connected to these gadgets. In the first image, there are a tablet, smartphone, business cards and headphones with a red wire. The rest of the mockups - the same device, but lying in a different order, or scattered on the parquet floor.


iPad 2 Mockups

Another selection of Mockup iPad is represented by only two mockups in a format PSD. At first you'll see Mockup white tablet, and the second - the same plate, but black.


iPad On The Wooden Table

iPad on the wooden table with the keyboard and mouse from Apple. The Mockup present a series of filters, allow you to vary the shades of the table and the glare display iPad.


iPad On A White Background

In the project, we will see a white tablet gadget itself is on top of the operating instructions. The Mockup present additional configuration layers of highlights and shadows.


iPad Mockup On A Stone Bench

After extracting the zip file of this mockup, you will see a girl in a smart dress sitting on a stone bench, and is located next to a white iPad.


iPad In Hand But Different Background

This Mockup available several original backgrounds. You can change up to five background images using both the cityscape and coastline, photos of the apartment, the tropics or the mountain landscape.


 iPad Mockup With Coffee

iPad lying on a wooden table next to a cup of strong coffee. It is possible to choose the color of the table. In total, the project provided four options countertops.


iPad Mockup In Coffee Style

The following Mockup format PSD you will find the plate on the table, and placed next to a full cup of coffee and a stylish pen with open cap. If desired, instead of the brown table can be set to choose one of four types of countertops.


iPad Mockup In Office Style

This mockup shows a man who is in the office and thumbs through the screen iPad at arm's length. Developers Mockup once provided some good visuals. For example, you are immediately available four backgrounds stimulating the work environment business man.


Exclusive iPad Mockup

We can say that the picture is taken very chic. Black plate lying casually on one edge of the laptop and its screen is a perfectly visible reflection of empty glasses and bottles of wine standing nearby. There is an additional adjustment of image color and contrast settings layers of the project.


iPad Mockup In Classic Style

This archive contains awesome mockup of a stylish tablet, which the owner keeps both hands, lying on a wooden table top. In the distance can be seen a table clock, a book, and a pot plant.


Exclusive Mockup iPad In Wine Style

Again spectacular Mockup iPad, the screen of which reflects a bottle of wine and a glass. This is totally an awesome art for designer or developer to showcase their product.


The Girl With The iPad

In the following "Autumn" Mockup is an image of a girl who is considering a device sitting on the green lawn, already strewn with yellow leaves.


Christmas Mockup iPad

Amazing celebratory shot of a girl with iPad on the background of the Christmas tree with numerous shiny toys. By changing the workpiece layers, you can adjust the glare, contrast and saturation of this luxury Photo Mockup.


iPad Mockup In Summer Style

The archive contains two image mockup. The girl depicted in the photograph, is in the cafe with your iPad or iPhone. With one hand, she holds the device, and in the background - a fork with a piece of tasty cake.


Two Mockup iPad With Black And White Style

First Mockup in PSD format is the view of the Black iPad above. The second photo mockup - white iPad in the future. Clearly visible in detail the device itself and the edge lying close to the cover.


Image Mockup iPad In Summer Style

Fotomokap made in bright and rich colors. IPad is in the owner's hand, resting on the porch of a country house. Of the additional effect of the presence glare display and correction of shadows.


Mockup iPad On Love Theme

iPad mini is on the table, gently strewn with rose petals. Available effects alter the shade of the surface brightness of the picture and the glare on the screen.


Mockup iPad In Christmas Style

Lovely Mockup is in festive style. It shows iPad on the background of garlands, Christmas toys and colorful gift boxes with ribbons.


iPad In The Hands Of Men

This is an awesome mockup, which is vertically man holding in his hands. Billets setting colors and other standard filters available.


iPad Mockup In Flat Style

The mockups are three iPad in style Flat. The work with layers is possible to remove an unnecessary device, and the image on each of them is set independently.


2 iPad Air On A White Background

This small selection of Mockup in PSD format is dedicated gadget model iPad Air. Both of them are identical and differ only in the color of the images on them a stylish tablet.


iPad Air 2 On The Table

On a wooden table top placed white iPad Air, the keyboard and mouse from Apple, and is slightly ahead of iMac. In the settings, it is possible to use four filters, changing the tint.


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