Check-out the List of Top 10 WordPress Calendar Plugins

Quick question: What’s the date today?

Follow-up round: Your eyes immediately went to date/time section of your device, didn’t they?

While you’re trying to figure out how I am stalking you (oh go ahead, check behind your back), the rest of us will just sit back and discuss how we can make event management and general organization on our WordPress websites piece of cake with these plugins…

9 Free and 1 Premium WordPress Calendar Plugins –

1. Google Calendar Events

You can’t get more organized than Google Calendar, so why try? Just add this super-efficient plugin to your site instead.


Google Calendar Events


Google Calendar Events combs through your, you guessed it, Google Calendar feeds and shows the events in list or grid format. You can customize the location: page, post, within a widget.

So if John Doe adds “Going for a walk in the park” as an event in his Calendar, it shows up on his website automatically.* Easy as pie.

2. My Calendar

My, isn’t this one creatively named?

Jokes aside, it’s actually a very neat-looking, robust, free event calendar plugin to use on your WordPress site.


My Calendar


It integrates well into your site and it’s easy to use. As an added plus, you’re also free to customize its look by delving right into its CSS. This plugin lets you do that, unlike most calendar plugins. It’s nice like that.

3. Chronosly Events Calendar

This is one of the newest kids on the block, and it is the height of cool.

This plugin gives you 15-ways-customizable event-list display, every single one of them better than the last. You can add custom templates and add-ons for added functions, but I really doubt you’d need them.


Chronosly Events Calendar


It’s fully responsive, supports multiple languages, gives you unlimited categories and recurring events’ special display, has widgets, and allows shortcodes. You get HTML templates (and tools to customize them for an added $30) and support from the author.

It’s absolutely free.

4. The Events Calendar 

*No unicorns were harmed in the making of this plugin. – TEC Page in Plugin Directory

This plugin is built to work out of the box, meaning there’s no shortcode anywhere in the vicinity. It’s fast to set-up, configure, and start churning out events. It uses AJAX for performance, it’s responsive, supports caching, has Microformats for SEO and an Upcoming Events widget, and so much more…


The Events Calendar


Developers like it for the bare-minimum stylesheet, template overrides and tags, hooks and filters, and a nicely sized library of snippets on GitHub. PETA and everyone else just find it dead useful and design-savvy.

It’s also free. The pro version has more widgets and features, along with WooCommerce compatibility for ticket-selling. There’s really nothing to complain about.

5. AJAX Event Calendar 

Another one which doesn’t beat around the bush…


AJAX Event Calendar


AJAX event Calendar has multiple event categories. It looks basic, but installs easy and functions well. There’s a shortcode to set defaults. It supports multiple languages. It hasn’t been updated in a while and isn’t responsive, but other than that, it’s a very utilitarian plugin.

6. All-in-One Event Calendar

This one has probably become ‘classic’ by now.

This plugin from Timely has color-coding and filtering by category; sharing with Google Calendar, MS Outlook, and any .ics supporting platform; featured as well as category images; multiple themes for customizing appearance; individual event SEO-optimization; and more…


All-in-One Event Calendar


It’s great to look at, efficient to boot. All your events link to original calendar, for added simplicity.

It’s also free, proving that best things in life often are.

7. WordPress Pro Event Calendar

Let’s break it up with a premium plugin in the mix.

WordPress Pro Event Calendar (by CodeCanyon) is elegant and stylish without being bloated or tacky. It’s fully responsive, easy to set-up and use, allows users to submit their own events and subscribe to a specific calendar (with MailChimp support).


WordPress Pro Event Calendar


It also has every other calendar feature covered. Sort by categories, import events from Facebook, Google Map embed, etc.

For $21, all this comes with 6-month support.

8. WP Simple Booking Calendar

This is an availability checker sort-of thing.

You create a booking calendar with this neat little plugin and show your visitors the days you’re booked-full or available. It’s easy to add, easy to edit. It looks simple and effective.


WP Simple Booking Calendar


The plugin is free with premium version (and support) available. There are some added user controls that might make it worth your money.

9. CalPress Calendar 

A compact plugin for event-listing, CalPress Calendar is easy to work with. Apart from the usual ‘calendar plugin’ features, you get a clean, modern-looking calendar that you can use to get viral (it’s optimized to work well with social media. Go crazy.)


CalPress Calendar


There are more Event Management features, but they come for a price.  With Pro version you get attendee management, can add event pictures with an in-built media manager, event ticketing, etc.

That aside, it’s still a clean plugin.

10. Booking Calendar

A basic-looking plugin, but it’s just as functional as the rest of them. Booking Calendar is another availability checker for reservations and the like.


Booking Calendar


It’s free and has all the features you can expect from a booking calendar plugin. It supports Captcha, is fully customizable, allows Google Calendar feeds, and more. This one truly is a classic.

11. Event Calendar WD

Very cool and handsome plugin comes with responsive Design. It provides a mini calendar widget you can showcase a simple calendar in your sidebar. The Google Map Integration helps to showcase maps. The free version seems enough for your need. You can purchase this plugin if you need more feature.


Event Calendar WD


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