How To Tell If A Site Is WordPress

How To Tell If A Site Is WordPress Or Not

After checking a Website you may think how it builds? Have you thought ” How to tell if a site is WordPress “?

There are some different way to figure out if a website developed with WordPress or not. Without taking help from any third party website you can easily do it within a few seconds.

You can figure out which Theme and Plugin are used by the Website owner. Before checking the Theme and Plugin let’s see how to figure out a Website is on WordPress or not.

 01. Check the Page Source (Press ctrl+U)

I am going to use this (https://topclasswp. subdomain as an example for you. Visit the subdomain right click mouse+ Click on View Page Source. On the other way just press CTRL+U. Now press CTRL+F then type wp-content. If you noticed the source page has a WP-Content folder then be sure that it’s a WordPress Website. This is the 100% perfect method for checking a WordPress Website.

How To Tell If A Site Is WordPress

02. Check License.txt File

Just enter license.txt after your desired domain name. Most of the people don’t delete this license text after installing WordPress. Some advanced user only blocks this root files. But I can assure that more than 80% user don’t do it. If you able to see the license file like the following image then it’s WordPress.

Checking a website is WordPress or not

03. Check the Website Login with WP-Admin

You know what is the login URL for a WordPress Website. Just add /wp-admin after the domain and go. Try with /wp-login.php if the /wp-admin not works. If you see the WordPress login page then it’s definitely a WordPress Website. Many people like to change the login link for security. So You may not able to get it always.

Check the Website Login with WP-Admin


# 04. Check with Third Party Service

There are a lot of third party service provider who checks a website and shows most of the necessary information. I prefer website to check a website data. It will show you if the Website is on WordPress and other necessary plugins too.

Check with

Okay. These tips are enough to figure out if WordPress CMS used to Develop a website or not. Now let’s come to another point where I will guide you to figure out which Theme and Plugin are used to make a Website.

Figure out Theme From Page Source:

This is the coolest way so far. Just go to the main Website and open “Page Source“. Now again press ctrl+F and type wp-content/themes. You will see a lot of script link and image link. Just avoid the script links and see the Theme name. Take a look at the following screenshot.

What Theme is used You are seeing “TopClass” after “/wp-content/themes/” so, the Theme name is TopClass. That’s all.

Using Third Party Website Service

If you want to use service from any website then I recommend It will show you the details Theme information. Just visit the WPThemeDetector website and paste your domain then hit search. Wait a few seconds and you will get the perfect information about what Theme used on the Website.

wpthemedetector service

That’s all tips come to my mind. If you have any unique idea to figure out WordPress, Themes, and Plugins then don’t forget to share it with me. I will showcase your idea on this post.

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