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4 Amazing Key Strategies to Increase Email Open Rates

Nearly 90% of email marketers make use of email marketing to connect with the prospects. With the same reason, email marketing has become an important strategy for targeting the clients. There are a number of practices that make this approach a successful one; however, these practices are going to work only when the users will open their emails. Thus, getting your email opened by the readers holds the top priority. Your email is only going to be liked by the users if they open the same, which again asks for blending the techniques that could help Increase Email Open Rates.

The opening rate of the email determines the number of clicks that have been received by the email. In order to boost the click rates, a number of approaches are included in emails to make them appear more interesting for the users. Your type of audience to be targeted will play an important role to determine the type of practice to be used. In this write-up, we are going to talk about some of the common measures that have helped email marketers grow their subscription list. Here is a brief description on 4 key strategies that are sure to increase the email open rates.

How to Increase Email Open Rates?

By using the following strategies, it gets easy to increase the email open rates. Here is more on these strategies.

Engaging subject line

The Subject line is the first line of the impression of the email with the readers. It is obvious that the readers are going to inquire about where the email is from and what is it all about. The “From” is going to answer the first query and the latter part would be told to the readers by the subject line.

Thus, the latter part needs to be engaging enough for enticing the readers. In addition to it, the subject line must be relevant to the subject of the email. The readers must not be misguided in any of the ways. Remember, it’s the readers only who are going to contribute for increased open rates.Research on content and avoid spam words

Research on content and avoid spam words

The email must appear as a researched content for the users. There must be some news or information that is a relevant piece of information for the readers. In addition to this, it is also important that the information has something to do with the readers. It is in the nature of the readers to read on something that could benefit them.


Research on content and avoid spam


In addition to this, it is suggested to avoid words such as “free”, “act now”, dollar sign, etc. As they act as a red flag for the spam filters. More to it, emails that are caught by email filters will never be read by the users. So, it is important to choose the words wisely.Send your emails at the right time to right person

Send your emails at the right time to right person

Your timings for sending the emails matter. Choosing the time of the day when prospects are sure to open their emails is the right time to send them. People are most likely to check the email when they start their day at offices. Thus, pick the first half of the day to shoot the emails to the prospects.


Increase Email Open Rates


Sending the email to the right people also matters for getting more click-through. You must know the right kind of audience to be targeted by the email. For example, if you are sending B2C email, you must send the email to the related audience that is the business audience. There is no point in shooting these emails to other business professionals.

Formatting the emails for mobile devices/ Responsive

Being responsive with the emails today is the call of duty. People have already accepted viewing their email over their smartphones, which is why being responsiveness in nature has remained the last option for the service providers. Emails that are responsive in nature are the best to be viewed on the digital devices.

Formatting the messages for mobile devices needs you to work out on the layout and the pixels width. Remaining under 500-600 pixels width is considered the best. Single-column layouts are generally considered best for such practices. Thus, sticking to these suggestions would help you craft emails that are responsive in nature.

Let’s Wrap Up!!

These are the best round up of the practices that are used for increasing the email open rates. Following the same can guarantee you the success of the campaign. These are the well-analyzed points that have helped a number of service providers increase their open rates. Hence, it is advised to work on these points when you are concerned about increasing the open rates of your email campaigns.

Author bio: Andrew Hudson has a long association with EmailChopper and spends most of his time in researching about the latest email designing practices that could also contribute to increased open rates. He is also keen to share the information with the related audience by posting the engaging posts.


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