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More To UI Web Design That Meets With The Eye

Depending on the most trending design pattern won’t suffice as what’s sauce for the gander is not for a goose in this web development world.

Being a designer, I certainly look up to the blogs written by great designers to match pace with the latest trends. All speak about latest design trends, themes, patterns, and examples, but it was hard to find blogs which can help me with the very essence of web designing.

The biggest bottleneck which I face is that i keep on getting new projects and it is difficult to satisfy the clients as it is not obviously all the time the design is not akin to his taste. Moreover, design is not a mathematics which has definite answer and there is no sure shot method to get the right design.

Are we back to square one!

I guess not.. (My SME experience speaks!)

Something More About UI Web Design

In this blog, i am sharing what i opine about what one ought to thinks over before designing the UI of any website.

  1. Get acquainted with the problems of your website:

The very first step which you need to give a pensive thought is to analyze the problem area of your website. If you receive a good amount of audience and the bounce rate is also very less, still people are signing up on your website, then this indicates to the very notion that there is a problem with the sign-up form. This is it, you now know that you need to simplify the process as a complex sign-up seems to be the most apparent reason for converting a lesser number of users.

  1. Get familiar to with what your contemporaries are adopting as a resolve:

I began my from working for an SME and as we know that there is no proper lineage in such a firm which can impart you good knowledge learned from experience. Wherefore, you need to stand all by yourself to perform. Consequential, I came up with an extremely infallible strategy of analyzing my competitors.  Competitor analysis is one of the most recommended strategy in order to know what you are doing wrong. I am not suggesting that you need to just follow the footprints of the most successful ones, rather I think an inspiration would be sufficient which can help you carve your own path.

Some might be using a lazy sign-up and others might be a very crisp one, but this does not mean that you have one true leader whom you will follow. There are websites which use their previous work which they depict in a rhetorical manner to entice the users. You can look up to them, get inspired and craft your own strategy.

You will also get to see some of your contemporaries using the social login which directs the user to sign-up using their social media accounts. This is also a very easy process as it saves a lot of time and as a result users do not think twice  before signing up.

However, you need to know that social media signup, signup incentive and lazy signup all techniques vary drastically from each other. Therefore, you need to choose the most viable option for your website.

  1. Identify the using patterns can be beneficial:

It is not always the competitors which are to analyzed, rather you can look up to the top most trend setting websites for learning. Learn how to use patterns from bigger sites such as Spotify, Kissmetrics, Pinterest , Alistapart and many more to get to know their strategy of using social logins.

  1. Dissect the patterns and choose the elements right for you: UI Web Design

All the websites in the web world come up with a social media strategy of their own which includes Google +, Twitter or Linkedin , but one thing which is utterly common is “Sign up with Facebook” . Some use just icons of these very famous social media platforms while there are other who use words to depict that you can even sign-up with these accounts as well.

Depending on the space your website allows and looking at the cognitive impact of the buttons you can place your buttons or the icons of the social media platforms on your website. As we know that all the social platforms are popular enough, thus we can use their symbols to create a social login platform. Now choosing the platforms is up to you.

It is good that you found out the most suitable UI pattern for your website, but it is advised not to completely depend on it. Despite of the fact that these patterns offer a high degree of consistency, but embracing them as it is would lead you to follow the stereotypical path.

Parallax design has gained a lot of credence nowadays and there in no doubt about that because it render a better user experience when compared to the usual clicking websites. However, adopting this trend is not suitable for website of all the genres. In order to find out this you need to make a proper wireframe or a prototype for your website and go for a brainstorming session and also test it.

UI patterns must be considered as the safest options which help you to render more consistent user experience. Apart from delivering a more consistent user experience you can also add your pinch of your creative mind to induce uniqueness in your designs. This will help you to stick to the conventions prevalent in the design world, yet you would be able to leave a mark of your own.

Summing up!

What is a good web design? Certainly the one which is not just likes by the users, but the one which compels them to return back, use the website again and again and share them with their near and dear ones. In order to reach such a stage, you need to to design patiently and see that whether you are giving your best shot which suffices the needs of your website.

Author Biography:

Samuel Dawson is a well-maintained specialist in the area of web design and development. He is responsible for psd to html conversion process where he use to work on slicing and sharing the files. Samuel has in-depth knowledge of UI web design.

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