Open - Responsive Corporate and Business Template

Open is a responsive HTML5 Template. Open is suitable for Business, Corporate, Agency, Nonprofit, Freelancer, Portfolio and any types of General Business. If you select one page parallax template for your business than Open is perfect for you. 7 homepage color variation and modern design make this Template better for use. You can showcasing your product or portfolio with this Template.

Some Features of Open :

We have added a Skill section into Open. Skill section is important for your client because they want to know about your skill. You can add different type of skill by percentage.


You should tell something within 3 line or 4 line about your service. Service section provide you this feature. Try to express better within 4 line about your service. This will help you to attract client.


We have added feedback section so that you can visible what your clients says about your service. If you provide better service your client will be give you positive feedback. Positive feedback helps you to get more and more client of your business.

Very simple contact form has been added into Open. Contact form is now very necessary for any type of website.


After all better Design, Better Typography and some better Scripts make this HTML5 Responsive Corporate and Business Template more and more professional and perfect for any type of use.

Learn Details about Open form Product Page.

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