POLMO HTML5 Free Website Template

Released POLMO Free Responsive HTML5 Template

Why POLMO Is Better?

POLMO built with W3c standard coding styles. . There is some special reason behind POLMO. It is a fully Responsive and pixel perfect Free HTML5 Template. Well coded with comments, human readable coding styles so anyone can easily understand the codes. Credit of this Freebie goes to this following technology:

  1. Bootstrap
  2. animate.css 
  3. Flaticon
  4. Font-awesome 
  5. jquery bxslider
  6. magnific-popup
  7. counterup.js
  8. smooth-scroll.js
  9. modernizr.js

When POLMO Is Perfect For You?

There is no doubt that POLMO is perfect for any type of business. We especially suggest that POLMO is suitable for One Page Website, Small Business, corporate, agency, nonprofit, freelancer or general business. But you can create your own portfolio site, Personal site with this free HTML5 Template.

Features of POLMO:

Responsive Design: POLMO is a 100% Responsive Website Template. You can check it with your browser. Resize your browser after open POLMO demo and see the magic.

Premium Quality Slider: We have added premium quality slider in this Freebie Website Template. You will get everything for free.

Filterable Portfolio: If you launch your own website and want to showcase your work with category this system will help you. Your all portfolio or project will be filter with it’s category.

Pure CSS3 Effects: Your site will be faster because we have developed it with pure CSS3 effects. We don’t use any js plugin for make this template attractive. Just normal CSS3 used for it’s all effects.

Google Fonts: Choose what is the best font for your website. Find out the best Google fonts for your website and you can easily use it.

Many More Features: There are a lot of features also. You can check out the product page and you can see that there is a dozen of feature for this freebie.

Download POLMO Free HTML5 Template

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