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11 Ways For Protect WordPress Website From Hackers

Every WordPress lover always searching for how to Protect WordPress Website From Hackers? Mind that, security is always a simple issue. A simple fault helps to be hacked your lovely site by the hackers. You will lose your blogging content and business within a few time. You can not imagine that your lovely blog may be destroyed within the next day by hackers. It takes a lot of time for arranging our content, affiliate link, tutorial post into our website. We all love our own website and don’t think that someone hacked it within a few second.protect wordpress website from hackers

Hackers always love to play with code. If you want to protect hacker you have to think like a hacker. If you are not perfect on coding you must need to take help from code specialist. You can also get help from our code specialist on Envato studio. Just create a custom job for us and we will secure your WordPress website within 24 hours.

Do you like to Protect WordPress Website From Hackers?

Look at the following 11 tips and this tips will help you to Protect WordPress Website From Hackers.

  1. To keep healthy your WordPress files you have to update all plugins and themes latest versions because sometimes old versions Themes and Plugins contains security bugs.
  2. Always restrict publically the access to your WordPress admin panel and only give it to people who actually needs access to it.
  3. At least 95% hackers will assume that your admin  username is “admin”. So Do not use the ”admin” username.
  4. Generate a strong password including the symbols, uppercase and lowercase letter. It will increase your dashboard security. You can note down your password into your PC directory if it seems hard to you.
  5. You can enable two-factor authentication for your websites like using your mobile phone or e-mail verification.
  6. Be sure that your site is on a secure WordPress hosting. Unsecure hosting is a great fact for hacked your site.
  7. Make sure that your computer is free of viruses and other malware software. Hacker sometimes released malware software and this software will send your website data to the hacker.
  8. Use limited login attempts for your site. This is one of the easiest ways for keeping your WordPress site secure from the hackers.
  9. If you use blacklist system for all IP addresses except your own from logging into your admin, it will be better secure for your site.
  10. Always try to use SSH instead of FTP. FTP stand for File Transfer Protocol and SSH stand for Secure Server Host. Of course, SSH is more secure than FTP.
  11. Regular Backup your site database and content also. This is also very important. If your site hacked by hacker you can easily restore the backup.

N:B: Before applying any of this tips, I suggest you to backup your website. Otherwise, you may be hacked by yourself 😛 . Now it’s time to Protect WordPress Website From Hackers and save your site.

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