5+ Responsive and Colorful Free WordPress FAQ Plugin Collection

FAQ(Frequently Ask Question) is a necessary thing for any type of service based website. There is some question which always searched by customer. You can note down your question and answer with some awesome faq.

There is the best list for Free WordPress FAQ Plugin. Download or buy any of this best plugin and make your own FAQ.

WP Awesome FAQ PRO

WP Awesome FAQ PRO is the perfect choice for them who needs a fully customizable WordPress FAQ plugin. This Plugin will help you to create colorful FAQ. Choose your FAQ text color, Background color with the color picker. Unlimited color is available for you. Sort you FAQ as you need. The Support forum is open for any type of problem.

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WP Awesome FAQ Plugin

WP Awesome FAQ Plugin is the winning choice for creating FAQ with custom Post Type. Easily create FAQ with category and include FAQ's anywhere of your site by Shortcode. You can add photos, videos into your FAQ. For display all faq's into your posts or pages use [faq] shortcode and for display exact category faqs you have to use [faq cat_id="8"]. Replace 8 with your exact category ID.


Spider FAQ Plugin

This a fully customizable FAQ WordPress Theme. Spider FAQ is an endlessly flexible and user-friendly plugin to create informative and easy to reach FAQ content with categories and images.


Easy FAQs WordPress Plugin

If you want to add FAQs into your WordPress site sidebar than Easy FAQs is the best choice for you. You can add FAQ's into your site sidebar by a widget or shortcode.


HTML5 Responsive FAQ Plugin

This plugin provides you to create multiple categories for FAQ's. You can insert any category into one FAQ group. This plugin is compatible with any theme and 100% responsive too. There is some custom design option for FAQ.


Quick and Easy FAQs WP Plugin

Do you love to work with custom post type? This FAQ plugin will provide you to create faq via custom post type. Create your FAQ within a few minute's with this plugin. There is some shortcode for getting full feature of this FAQ plugin. Check the documentation file section for details about shortcode.


Arconix Free WordPress FAQ Plugin

Create FAQ's and add them into any WordPress hosted website with an easy way. Display them using the supplied shortcode ([faq]) and show/hide them via an animated, jQuery toggle or accordion box. This plugin also provides custom post type for creating FAQ.


SP responsive wp-faq with category plugin

Add 100% Responsive FAQ into your blog posts or website pages.  You must create a category for creating an FAQ. You can add unlimited FAQ into one category. With the category ID you have to insert them into your site. The shortcode of this plugin works with category ID. The shortcode is [sp_faq category="category_ID"].


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