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Great Responsive Web Design Examples Of 2016

The usage of smartphone to access the website has dramatically increased in the last decade. Now 3 out of 5 smartphone users are more likely to use the mobile phone in order to navigate to different web pages. This circumstance inspired the Google officials to add one more website ranking factor that gives preference to the site on the basis of mobile-friendliness. Owing to this, many businesses are considering the responsive web design for their website. I am going to show you some great Responsive Web Design Examples.

A responsive web design is a kind of layout that can scale according to shape and size of the display screen. A responsive website is very much different from the normal site. Most of website owners think that their websites seem uniform on different devices, but it is not true. If you feel that your website works the same on all devices, then there are various tools, where you test your website responsiveness. Here is the link to one of best tools that can help you evaluate the responsiveness

Deploying the responsive layout design can save a lot of cost for the business and bring a better return on investment. The properly designed responsive layout  provides the uniform user-experience on all the devices. Undoubtedly, every designer needs inspiration when it comes to start the designing process. Therefore, this blog exhibits the curated list of the best responsive web designs of 2016 used by various renowned companies that will be genesis of motivation for all the designers.

Let’s see some Responsive Web Design Examples

Earth Hour France

Earth Hour France has the brilliant view. The hamburger menu, background animation, and storytelling based content that can be accessed through the vertical scrolling are the beautiful aspects of this responsive website. Secondly, the style attributes of the content are superb and make it readable on all the devices.


Earth Hour Responsive Web Design Examples



No-Refresh web pages are well-equipped with superbly designed themes that cater the uniform user experience on all the display screens. Every space on the layout is effectively used to exhibit every imperative information on the screen. Moreover, the content, navigation menu and button get scaled brilliantly as per shape and size of the screen. Along with this, website performance is also nice.


No Refresh Website


St Paul’s School

St Paul’s School features astonishing responsive website layout. The animated background exhibits different images of school. Moreover, the navigation menu on header page seems persuasive and engaging. The attributes of varied elements used in the website are really cool. Everything is presented on the page is good for the mobile users.


St Pauls School



theem’on is renowned for providing for delivery the supreme quality themes and plugins. Their own website is a brilliant evident that proves the quality of their products. Whether it is the website theme or content, everything is superbly crafted. Even the menu option seems quite engaging on every screen. Moreover, seamless loading on different platforms has convinced us to give plus one for the website.


Theemon Website


inky ROBO

inkyROBO is using one of the finest website layouts to cater readable and engaging contents. As it is known for providing the integration service for different designing tools, their responsive website design exhibits everything about the services and products in a brilliant way on different screens. If we talk about the navigation menu and scrolling functionality, these are superbly crafted. Moreover, these are easy-to-access from different platforms.


Inky RoBo


App slure

APPSLURE has the brilliantly designed responsive website that renders amazing user-experience to the visitors that are coming from different platforms. Everything is perfectly set to provide imperative information related to services, product, workflow strategy, testimonial, and social media functionality so that users can easily engage with the website.


App slure Website


Better Graph

BetterGraph’s responsive website is superb. Whether it is a responsive design, menu options, content layout or theme, everything is perfectly deployed in the website design that the visitors can easily know everything about the company seamless. It is quite institutive on all the screens.


Better Graph Website


Hire Web Developer

HireWebDeveloper comes with brilliantly designed responsive themes that can scale effectively on all the display screens. Moreover, it offers uniform display to provide consistent user-experience. The menu options are perfectly set to allow the visitors to easily access and know about the services.


Hire Web Developer Website


PSD To WordPress Expert

PSDToWordPressExpert deployed finely designed website layout that renders not only the imperative information about the organization but also provides a good user experience. The menu options and content are accessible, readable and seems alluring across all the display sources.


PSD to WordPress Website


Apps Chopper

AppsChopper website comes bestowed with a superb theme that reflects everything about the products, services and workflow of the company. The navigation menu is cool and easy-to-understand that any user can access on different platforms with the utmost ease. They have used every space brilliantly to deliver the best experience. The content of layout is scaled brilliantly to provide superb display across all the screens.


Apps Chopper


The Bottom Line!!

Responsive web design has become a trend in the different parts of the world. Along with this, it is also important for everyone to deploy the alluring responsive website that features readable content and perfect navigation menu. Hopefully, this list of superb web designs has done the finest job in motivating you to craft the perfect design for your website.


Author Bio: Steven Bowen has been associated with Webgranth for many years. He is a passionate blogger and likes to contribute the informative knowledge regarding contemporary website development technology, trending online printing solution, developing mobile website and many more. His remarkable content has sorted out common dilemma related to web designing and other concepts.

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