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  • Version 1.0.0

Jewel Flickr Pro is a WordPress Plugin to show the Flickr photos in an attractive look. There are several ways to show your Flickr photos on your website. After installing the plugin you’ll be able to use this plugin in any post/page/widget/theme by using the shortcode. The photos can be shown several times in the same page or post. The settings options are taken from WordPress settings API so that you can use this plugin in any theme. You are free to select the number of photos you want to show.


  • Slider View
  • Grid View
  • Shortcode Supports anywhere on your Theme
  • Widget Suppport
  • FullScreen View
  • Grid View in PopUp

There are various options in this plugin. This plugin allows you to show the photos in different ways.

Slide View Flickr Pro Plugin


If you select the slider view you will be able to show the photos in slider view. By clicking in any photo you will be able to see the photo in fancybox gallery style. You are free to select the number of photos from your Flickr id.

Grid View Flickr Pro Plugin


Another attractive feature of this plugin is the grid view. When you select the grid view then you will able to see the photos in grid view. Here you can control the number of column of the images. This image number won’t cause any damage to the view as the design is fully responsive. There is no bound to select the column number when you will show the grid view of your photos.

Widget Area


You also can use this plugin in your widget section.There are two ways to show the photos in widget section. You can simply drag and drop the widget from widget section of your dashboard.Another way is to use the shortcode in the widget section.

Popup Image in Flickr Pro

Popup Image

Just click on the desired image and it will open in a popup. You will see all images in the popup function. No need to check each image one by one. You will get all photos stored within the popup.

Fullscreen View

Fullscreen View

Want to enjoy the fullscreen automatic play? This option will help you to play all photos one by one without touching your machine. Enjoy simple slideshow of photos in a fullscreen mode.

Grid in popup

Grid View in Popup

It's not necessary to close the popup and search for photos. You can check all photos from the popup too. It's great to scroll down and check all photos. Then click on the desired photo and watch the high-resolution version.


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