The best WordPress FAQ Plugin ever. WP Awesome FAQ PRO Plugin comes with tons of possibilities. Add Frequently Ask Question with an attractive and colorful way. We believe that better user experience (UX) can make better authority. You will get full control over your UX. You can customize your Website FAQ as you need.

This is not only an FAQ Plugin but more then FAQ. Because, it supports media content like Image, Audio, Video, Gallery. Create categorized FAQ and showcase your FAQ any pages or post as you need. Just use the shortcode generator for inserting FAQ.

WP Awesome FAQ PRO Plugin allows to creating unlimited FAQ Items with Title, Description, and category. You can change your FAQ color too. If you can successfully install and active this plugin you can see a Custom Post Type named “FAQ" has been created automatically in your WordPress Dashboard menu.

Why WordPress FAQ Plugin

As you have come up with this page, I think you are a WordPress user. The FAQ helps to showcase the basic and necessary Question and Answer for your audience or customer. The Best FAQ Plugin attracts your user and they will try to find out their problem via your FAQ's. It saves your time and loved by most of all customer.

 Features Of WP Awesome FAQ PRO: 

  • Fully Responsive
  • Fully Customizable
  • Easy To Integrate
  • Powerful Short-Code Generator
  • Any Theme Compatible
  • WordPress 4.6.1+ Compatible
  • Color Variation Include with Color Picker
  • Categorized FAQ
  • Use FAQ on any Pages or Posts
  • Nested FAQ
  • Support most of all media content
Color Picker of WordPress FAQ Plugin

Edit Your FAQ

Editing your FAQ is very simple. Just Type your FAQ title and description. Look at the image. You have to choose a color from the Right color panel. Color variation helps you to include color as you need. You will able to input category and tag also into your FAQ.

WordPress FAQ Plugin Dashboard Options

FAQ Menu In Dashboard

After installing and Active WP Awesome FAQ PRO plugin into your site you will get a FAQ option into your dashboard. Here you can create New FAQ and get option panel for FAQ also. You can see 6 FAQ into this image. This 6 FAQ create by me.

ShortCode Generator Button

Short Code Generator Button

You will get a short code generator Editor Button. This button will help you to generate your short code with some ways. For example, you can input all FAQ, You can include FAQ with category, Can include with Tag and can include FAQ in custom ways.

FAQ Settings

Options Panel

you can set color form this FAQ option Panel. Set default color of your FAQ. This color will be taken automatically to all your FAQ. If you edit color into any FAQ then the default color will not work. Default color is work into your new FAQ.

Media FAQ Example

How Your FAQ Looks

This is just what i do for example. You can build this type of FAQ with WP Awesome FAQ Plugin. Without any coding knowledge you can create awesome colorful FAQ into your website.

WP Awesome FAQ Sorting Option

Drag and Drop Your FAQ

You can easily placed your FAQ with this Drag and Drop Features. If you want you can make any FAQ into Top or Bottom or Middle as you need.


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