WP Awesome FAQ Plugin

No need extra configurations for WP Awesome FAQ Plugin. WP Awesome FAQ Plugin allows to create unlimited FAQ Items with Title, Description. With the plugin installation’s a Custom Post Type named “FAQ” will be created automatically. After installation this plugin, you have to just add some faq. Then create a page and you can see a shortcode button named “FAQ” click in it and you can insert all FAQ or categorized FAQ with Category ID.

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Features Included

  • WP Awesome FAQ Plugin includes- Title, Description.
  • No Post Description Limits.
  • Category based FAQ (very much requested feature !!!).
  • Window resize auto height.
  • Many more settings are comming!!!

WP Awesome FAQ Plugin

Option Panel

There are 3 options with this free plugin. You can see all FAQ with All FAQ's button, Create a FAQ with Add New Button and can maintain your FAQ category with Category button.

How Your FAQ Looks Like

Your FAQ looks exactly this screen shot. Easily create faq and it will automatically insert into your faq page.

WP Awesome FAQ Plugin
WP Awesome FAQ Plugin
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