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Hello again, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Much appreciated.

The Events styling. I understand that it’s not part of the theme. In the settings of Events I’ve gone for the setting that tries to grab styling from the theme, but the result isn’t great. I’ve made a start in over-riding it, but it’s going to take ages, as it’s not just the month view that I need to sort to fit with the theme. The list view in particular looks rubbish… (see screenshot – statue image) You can see that I’ve rounded the image a bit, but ideally I want the event content to all be on the right of the image – A bit like the styling of the latest news section. Then there’s the ‘what’s on this week’ widget (2nd screenshot) etc etc etc… going to take ages!

I would rather have the ability to set the colours, as my client has a requirement that the colours may change occasionally to give the site a newer look or as the seasons change. Is that a very big job?

Any help is very much appreciated,

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