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Thank you so much for your support and for giving this priority, I really do appreciate it, and feel bad that I’m sending you a another list. Sorry.


1. Styling of the event calendar, list, week, month, upcoming events (I know this isn’t your problem as it didn’t come with the theme…)

2.Listing information – Time Schedule – I’d like this to read “Opening Hours”. In the UK ‘Time Schedule’ isn’t used.

3. Individual Listing information – Map – displaying strangely – half a map and half the category icons. Still happening. (see screenshot)

4. Listing of category e.g., – the results list looks like it can be displayed via a grid or a list (2 little icons) but this doesn’t work. (see screenshot)

5. Language bar now works (thanks) but search sits high on the line ((see screenshot)). It would be useful to be able to add social media links to this top bar.

6. Theme child settings – header section – Would be useful to be able to change the ‘red’ highlight colour seen over the theme. Also, the colour changing is working on the test site but not my localhost version – I have taken the latest version (1.4). …. It’s now not working on as I’ve updated this version with what was in localhost.

7. Theme font editing? Not essential, but useful.

8. listing Expiry Date – this field isn’t available to be set when adding a listing, but is set automatically and appears if you go in as ‘admin’ and edit the listing. Should be an option to set this, or not set it at all? I’m told that a test listing I set up a few weeks ago has now ‘expired’.

9. What’s the cover photo in ‘add listing’ for (front-end). If you add a photo it doesn’t appear.

10. I added 3 photos to the gallery (front-end / add listing. Only 2 appear. I then added 4 to a new listing, and only 3 appeared, then I added 5 to a new listing, and only 3 appeared. Before you publish, if you go to edit, all the photos are there. Submit the listing. When you go in as admin to edit the listing, then the photos don’t appear at all.

11. Thanks for adding the social media links to the listing. Could all links open in a new window please?

12. Home page – home slider – Would expect a slider to show more than one photo? I’d like it to be a slider – is that possible?

13. blog format – Home page – blog style 1 – how do you get the photo to appear on the right or the left of the post? Does it automatically show left / right / left? That’s the behaviour I’d like, just checking that that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

14. The listing maps are still appearing strangely – half grey, half map

thank you,

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