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Thank you, I understand you are busy. I’m trying to make a note of as many things as possible before I go on holiday!

For your information, there is a second wordpress installation of the theme in a subdomain at It is a simpler 1-page site for now (my client is keen that something goes live) so this is a stripped back version for now until lots of the issues above are fixed.

Anyway, you’ll see the blog issues I mentioned above in the sub-domain version (only there is no overall blog, just 3 posts on the the homepage) – but you can see the text spacing issue, the lack of the post gallery format (i’ve used a wordpress gallery for now which isn’t great, but it’ll have to do) and the lack of widgets.

The admin log-in is the same as the full site you have access to at

PS I can now see how to add widgets to the overall page, but not to each blog entry page.