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Thanks again, as I started with what the hosting company considers a fresh WP install and introduced zero plugins by choice, to minimize problems. Stil, I found it a bit tricky and so appreciate your help. Was Ebor Framework not installed by your plugin? I’m not clear on this. I’m helping a non-profit on a volunteer basis and used their hosting company’s one click installer instead of uploading and installing myself (the only way to truly assure a vanilla install).

I know it must be hard to keep up with theme dependencies, but it would be nice if you kept installation instructions somewhere. Do you have this? I’m a technical person, but in the case of WP themes/plugins, it’s all custom stuff, so you’re either experienced with them or not. Just enumerating which plugins your theme is expected to use, some post-activation steps to take to assure the theme is configured correctly and dependent plugins are working, common issues, etc in a doc would certainly save you a good few support requests.