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    Dear support,

    Thanks for your great works. I bought the pro version of your Awesome FAQ Pro today and I have to issues.

    I would like to control the space between paragraphs. The text as showed does not reproduce the space between paragraphs as I have in my standard pages. Is there a way to add some padding-bottom value. I havent seen any area to add CSS code. To fix the problem, I do have to add an extra <p>.

    Next, is there a way to control the expand/collapse, mainly at initial shortcode page display. On your demo, expanding a new item will collapse the previous. Only one should be expanded at a time. Am I right ? You might check it here :

    Best regards

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    Jewel Theme
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    Hello wfracheboud,
    Thanks for purchasing “WP Awesome FAQ Pro”. I’m extremely sorry for the Delay. I’ve moved “Jewel Theme” website to a new server. Also “Jewel Theme” website comes with re-designed. That’s why I have been busy last 3 days.
    Please send your FTP Access in Private, I will fix your paragraph problem.
    I’m seeing that you’ve arranged your FAQ in great way.
    Yes, you’re right collapse will work only one and expand others. If you want to make a customization in it, I will try my level best.


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